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the tans. is going out. it still has a bit of life but hey it happens. your going to have to get a new one.

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Q: A 2001 Lincoln navigator revs up high to 3500 rpm when going from gear 1 to 2 and then jerks into gear 2 what could be causing this?
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What causes the air suspension or relay to keep going bad on 1999 Lincoln Navigator?

Air leak.

Why my belt on Lincoln Navigator makes noises?

As with most vehicles today, the Navigator has a serpentine belt. This is a long piece of rubber. Rubber stretches over time. When serpentine belts stretch, they get loose on the pulleys. Of course, the squeal you hear could be a bearing going.

What could be causing a 1997 Ford F250 Diesel to roll when starting?

your clutch may be going bad

What could be causing a sweet chemical smell inside of Toyota 4x4?

heater core going bad.

After having new tires and alignment on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator is it aligned properly if the steering wheel is tilted to the left while the car is going straight?

No, the wheel and tires should both be straight at the same time.

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The window goes down easier because gravity is helping. The window tracks could be dirty or the motor could be weak, causing the trouble going up.

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What could be causing a loud hum from the transmission of a 2005 Musting at low RPM's?

The loud hum could be caused by some of the teeth going out on the transmission or that the transmission is failing.

What could be causing the air ride suspension on your 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII to inflate slowly and sometimes not at all?

it mite be that your pump is going bad. you can find it passenger side under fender close to front bumper .check strutmasters for a replacement they have a good price for a re-man

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Lincoln mark 8 alternator keeps going bad?

If your battery is not up to par could cause this and of course a short in the system too.

Ford explorer radio cuts off while driving?

The radio could have a short in a wire that is being bounced and causing it to turn off. It also could be the radio is going out and should be replaced.

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Do I need a lift kit for 2004 navigator for 28 inch rims?

Depends on the profile of the tires going on it.

Why would power rear lift gate intermittently stop working in 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

lift gate moduler going out my 03 navi liftgate did not work using the outside lever so i pressed the liftgate button located near the sunroof and it worked again

Why does a new battery keep going dead after sitting for a week or so in 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

Because there is something in the car that keeps using electricity even when the ignition is off. A dash clock, an alarm, maybe a boot/hood/ glove comparment lamp stuck in the on position.

How do you repair Lincoln Navigator suspension relay?

there are four air suspension relays (selonoids). they are located at the top of each air boot. you'll see a small wire harnes with a connector going to it. my opinion is to just changed the realy(it's really a selonide--does same thing).

Where is the computer module on a 2001 Lincoln Navigator?

The Computer Module(ECM) is located to the left of the steering wheel on the fire wall underneath the dash, you will have to lay on your back look up and to the left of the steering wheel. The (ECM) is a white box with a bunch of wires going out of it. Thanks Billy Kidd

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