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That is called double billing, and it is Medicare fraud. It is against the law for any medical provider to bill for something with the wrong date of service, and especially to bill the same charge twice when it was only performed once. There is a VERY LARGE penalty for Medicare fraud. A call needs to be made to the local Medicare or Social Security office.


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Whether Medicare will pay for nursing home care is not a matter of how much money the patient needs. In general, Medicare does not pay for long term, "custodial" care, which is the reason for most nursing home admissions. Medicare will pay for nursing home care for rehabilitation; in such a case, the medical record must show that the patient is progressing.

What are three items that medicare beneficiaries are responsible for paying before medicare will begin to pay for services?

NO. Madison was in the 1700's before there was a thought of medicare. Medicare came about 150 years AFTER him.

I have medicare part B. I need a pacemacer replaced that was installed before I was on Medicare. What I want to know is will Medicare help pay for my pacemaker and it's installation?

Yes. Original Medicare does not require you to obtain a referral before seeing a provider, but it does expect you to see a Medicare provider.

A surgeon has a wide range of duties to examining the patient to performing the actual surgery. Before the patient applies for surgery the surgeon must examine the patient to see if he/she really does need surgery. Before the surgery takes place they must conduct a number of test on the patient like blood test and confirming that the DNA samples are correct. The surgeon's duties varies with their specification.Performs comprehensive and problem-focused histories and physical examinationsDiagnoses and treats illnesses and injuriesOrders and interprets laboratory and radiographic studiesEducates and counsels patientsPerforms minor surgical proceduresPerforms First Assist duties in surgeryAssists with callRenders emergency careFacilitates patient referral to the appropriate physician or agencyConducts research and drug studiesPrescribes medication in most states

Assuming that you have paid Medicare payroll taxes, then you are eligible to join Medicare when you turn 65. You can become covered by Medicare before age 65, if you are considered disabled by Social Security.

No, you only have EITHER Part A of Medicare OR Part B of Medicare to get Part D. It is not necessary to have both parts to get D. This is completely incorrect according to the Social Security Adm. (This is where you have to sign up for Medicare). I was told this information 9-24-10.

No, not every patient is tested for HIV before surgery.

Yes, you have to be an RN before you can be a nurse practitioner if you want to bill Medicare.

Yes. Social Security and Medicare are taken out of your income before you see your paycheck. Your employer also pays an additional Social Security and Medicare tax to your account.

According to what I found out today, in 2013, medicare only covers 90 pills of Ambien. Before, they covered it all.

No. If you have a deductible with your primary carrier, you will have to pay the deductible first before Medicare will pay anything.

The open enrollment period starts 3 months before you start Medicare A & B and ends 4 months after you start

When a patient has been administered by a drug he/she has never taken before, he/she is called a naive patient.

The doctor or dentist needs to test to find out if a patient is a bleeder before the procedure in order to take precautions if the patient is a bleeder. Otherwise, the patient could bleed to death.

Medicare does cover carpal tunnel surgery. One should know that they will have to meet their deductible before the surgery is covered 100%.

Medicare does not cover maternity. For details on what Medicare does cover, see the link below:

medicare deductible is the amount you must pay each year before Medicare starts paying your claims. $800 With standard deductions allowed by the government to the doctors and hospitals.

yes: this is called an ABN, or advance beneficiary notice. If you receive this notice, the hospital is telling you that they don't believe you will meet Medicare criteria for a procedure. If you sign it, they will still submit the bill to Medicare, but you will be responsible for paying it if Medicare refuses. The best thing to do may be to ask for them to get a predetermination from Medicare: then you will know before hand whether it will be covered or not. Also, it is important to note that this is NOT a valid form for Medicare Advantage Plans. They are not legally binding at all if you have an advantage plan, and if they try to bill you because you signed it, your insurance company will inform them they cannot do that (if they are contracted with your insurance company).

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