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t here is no such way but in the older games of it you can but if you want 6 stars you could use this cheat LJSPQK
or for never wanted there is this cheat AEZAKMI

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How do you get a cop suit with cheat in gta sa?

There is no cheat code for this. You will get one later in the game though when you are in the desert area of the game. It is one of the Las Venturas police outfits and you get it from reaching 100% with a certain girlfriend.

Is there a cheat to be a cop on gta4 xbox 360?

No, but you can get cheat to get a FBI Buffalo and it has the cop computer where you can search people and call for back up.

Gta san andreas no cop cheat?

no wanted level cheat-testeducationalskills

What is the no cop cheat in gta 4?

It does not exist

What is the cheat for being a cop in grand theft auto episodes from liberty city?

Anyways, there is no cheat of being a cop in Episodes From Liberty City. That all -gtaivexperts

Is there no cop cheat for gta episodes from Liberty City?


Is there a cheat in club penguin to become a cop?


Is their a cheat in gta Liberty City were you can be a cop?


What is the Best cheat for saints row 1?

No Cop Noiteiry #662677

What does cop-555-0100 mean?

COP-555-0100 is a phone number that can be called to obtain cheat codes in the game Grand Theft Auto IV. By dialing it from your cellphone, you can obtain cheats that will restore your life or health, help you level up or down, or block certain game moves.

Where you can download free virtua cop game?

you can download it from

How do you catch growlithe in soulsilver?

In soul silver, it's a vulpix. You use a cheat to get it from a cop.

How do you become cop in grand theft auto vice city?

you type the clothes cheat in!

How do you become a cop on roblox?

That depends on the game.

Is there a no cop cheat on gta 4?

yes, go to the dial pad on the phone and type in COP5550100

Can you use the cop cheat for three leaf clover on GTA iv?

notuntil you leav the subway

Are there any cop games for xbox360?

No. If you want a cop game, play LCPDFR mod for GTA IV..

Is there a cheat to get rid of the cops cchasing you on Grand theft auto vice city?

yes there is a cheat for that. R1 R1 circle R2 up, down, up, down, up, down. i own the game and my dad got me papers with cheats on it and that cheat is is there. once u do it all your cops that are after you will leave and your cop stars will dissapear! good luck!

Is cop the recruit a multiple game?

No, it is single player.

How do you pass the cop in goldenrod city?

In which game? And also what cop? I'll change this once you tell heart gold

Where you can download free virtua cop 3 game?


Can you pull over some one in a cop car on grand theft auto 4?

Niko can only pull someone over in a cop car in a normal GTA 4 game during the mission he carries out for Mikhail Faustin, called Crime & Punishment. The only other way it might be different is if there is a mod or a cheat. However, if he is driving along in a cop car otherwise, and has the police siren turned on, motorists on the road will try and pull out of his way to let the cop car go through.

The codes for simpsons road rage Game Boy advance?

maggie,bart,maggie,willie,mr burns, snake, cop, cop

How to play cop mode in GTA 5 for Xbox 360?

You will have to be on a certain mission to play the cop mod on GTA. GTA is a type of game.

In Lady Gaga love game what is she doing with the cop?

They're making out.