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no, sorry. you have to get there first, even just for a vacation consisting of over a month. then you can move your family there with your new citizenship! :)

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What country has easy permanent residency requirements?

The answer to your question is quite complex and to truly answer it, you would have to stipulate:- for which nationalities- whether marriage was an option- your definition of permanent residence- how long or short the residence should be- your age- married or unmarried- any children- your professionResidence is practically given away in some countries to people that meet certain criteria. For most countries it is the offer of a job. Almost any country will give residence if one is married to one of their citizens.Expand your question and I am sure you will get a detailed answer.

If a US citizen marries a Philippine resident in Jan '08 and then returns to the US can the new wife join her husband in the US just by buying a ticket?

No. Any non-citizen who intends to reside permanently in the US, whether or not married to a citizen, must obtain permanent resident status.

What happens when a US citizen wants to marry a a non-citizen?

There is nothing illegal for a US citizen to marry a non-citizen. This marriage will entitle the non-citizen to a number of benefits as the US Citizen can sponsor his/her Citizenship. What matters is whether the non-citizen is legally staying in the US.Illegal residence will lead to deportation and rejection of further visa applications of the non- US Citizen.

Can a foreigner obtain Norwegian citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of Norway?

Yes, as of January 1, 2009, Norwegian marriage law is gender neutral. A person married to a Norwegian citizen may become a naturalized Norwegian citizen after three years of residence in Norway. This is true whether the marriage is between same-sex spouses or opposite-sex spouses.

Are you still legal when marriage ends?

If sponsored by a spouse, who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, an alien may obtain permanent resident status through the use of a petition naming the alien as a direct beneficiary. Marriage is the tool by which this is done. However, if the marriage is terminated through divorce or annulment before permanent residence is granted, then the alien will not be eligible for permanent resident status by this affiliation. So the answer to your question depends on whether or not you completed your immigration status, if so then you will be seen as a legal resident.

Can a British citizen who was previously a Philippine citizen and also previously married in the Philippines but now on a divorced status can remarry a Philippine citizen in the Philippines?

My brother married a girl from the Philippines in the Philippines. They were both previously divorced. She is a Philippine citizen. He is a US citizen. I do not know whether this will apply to your situation but it sounds similar. You might want to check with the British consulate there to be sure.

Can a foreigner obtain Portuguese citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of Portugal?

Yes. Marriage is marriage in Portugal, whether between persons of the same or opposite gender. Normally, one may apply for naturalization after six years of residence in Portugal. However, a foreigner who has been married to a Portuguese citizen for three years may become a citizen of Portugal by mere declaration, without any residency requirement.

How do you become a legal immigrant?

Green card 3 years job know English * Foreign nationals who are unlawfully present within the US are not eligible to apply for a permanent resident status nor citizenship even if they marry a U.S. citizen. Those persons who are in the U.S. legally whether married to a U.S. citizen or not, may apply for permanent residency under the United States Citizenship and Immigration laws. All pertinent information can be found at,

A search warrant was served at a residence you were visiting can you be searched?

If you were in the residence when the warrant was served, yes, you can be, whether you live there or not.

What if your mother becomes a US citizen before you turn 18 are you a US citizen too?

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website:A child automatically becomes a U.S. citizen when all of the following conditions have been met under section 320 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended by the Child Citizenship Act (CCA):At least one parent of the child is a U.S. citizen, whether by birth or naturalization.The child is under the age of 18 years.The child is residing in the United States in the legal and physical custody of the U.S. citizen parent based on a lawful admission for permanent residence.

How long it takes to get a green card after you 130 is approved?

Depends on whether the petitioner is a citizen or permanent resident and your relationship to that petitioner. It can be anywhere from 6-9 months to 23 years.

If you know someone is an illegal immigrant and became a citizen by marriage how can you sue them?

There are not grounds for filing a civil suit in such a situation. In addition, a foreign national whether illegal or not does become a citizen by marrying an American citizen, nor are they guaranteed permanent resident status. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services,

If a woman who is not a United States citizen gives birth in the United States would this entitle her and her child both with United States citizenship?

If she was married to a United States citizen than yes but if she wasn't no, only her child would be entitled with U.S. citizenship. A woman is NOT entitled to US citizenship simply because she gives birth in the US whether she is married to a citizen or not.

Being a Cameroonian living Cameroon can you apply and recruited into the us army if yes what are the steps you should follow?

You would need to establish permanent residence in the US first, and declare an intent to obtain citizenship. After that, your country would have to be on an approved list from which citizens would be eligible to enlist in the US military (I don't know whether or not Cameroon is on such a list.. I enlisted as a Namibian citizen).

How long you have to wait for id card in Malta when you married to a Maltese citizen?

One week regardless of whether you're married to a Maltese or not... Check this blog for details:

Was Archimedes married?

It is not known whether Archimedes was married or if he had children. It is not known whether Archimedes was married or if he had children.

If a person with valid visa marries a US citizen what documents or status does he obtain right away?

That person doesn't receive anything automatically. If the citizen applies for the person to become a permanent resident, the person will receive a green card, which will allow them to obtain a social security number, driver's license, etc. The process usually takes from 1-3 years and is very expensive. If the couple has not been married for 2 years, the greencard is conditional. This means that if there is divorce within 2 years of obtaining the greencard, it will be taken away. The alien can apply for citizenship 3 years after receiving the greencard as long as s/he is still married to the same US citizen. Immigration benefits should play ABOLUTELY NO role in your decision about who and when to marry. If you get married for immigration benefits, it is considered a felony fraud, whether the citizen you married was in on it or not.

How to give guardianship of child to someone other than mother?

The exact procedure depends on where you live, whether the guardianship is to be permanent or temporary, legal or a simple transfer to caregivers. Consult an attorney or the family court in your county of residence for specifics.

Can a foreigner obtain Icelandic citizenship by virtue of same-sex marriage to a citizen of Iceland?

Yes. Marriage is marriage in Iceland, whether same-sex or opposite-sex. Both are treated the same. If you have been married for four years to an Icelandic citizen, you are eligible for naturalization after living in Iceland for three years, as opposed to the seven years that would be required if you were not married to a citizen of Iceland.

Who can you talk to about a british citizen joining the us armed forces?

Any recruiter for the specific branch of service you wish to join would suffice. You can go to the US Army/Navy/Marine Corps/Air Force recruiting websites, and even send in an inquiry by e-mail. I enlisted as a foreign citizen in 1997, and at that time, foreign nationals were required to have established permanent residence in the US and to have declared an intent to obtain US citizenship. I can't say with any certainty whether or not that has changed since then.

Do INS do a background check on a US citizen when they sponsor their immigrant spouse?

Immigration officials certainly do a background check on a US citizen sponsoring a foreign spouse. They are mainly interested in whether the marriage is legitimate. If the US citizen has married and sponsored other people before, this may raise red flags.

What is the pH in hair dye?

I believe the pH differs in haircolor by brand and whether it's permanent, demi permanent, semi permanent, or temporary.

If an illegal immigrant marries a woman who has legal status and they have a child will the father then have legal status?

No, marrying a US citizen or a permanent resident does not grant the illegal immigrant legal status regardless of whether there is a child involved or not.

If you are a child of a legal citizen can you be deported if you commit a crime?

If you commit a crime, and are not a citizen of the United States, you can be deported, regardless of whether or not your parents are a citizen.

Could someone have you deported if you are a permanent resident alien?

Individuals have no say in whether a non-citizen in the United States should be deported such decisions are made by the USCIS. Unless the person who has been granted permanent resident status commits a federal or state crime which constitutes a felony conviction he or she is not in danger of deportation.

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