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A balloon carrying weather instruments is released at Earth's surface and rises through the troposphere as the balloon rises what will the instrument generally indicate?

A increase in air temperature and a decrease in air pressure

What weather instrument Carries weather instruments aloft to about 30000's meters?

weather balloon

What do you call a balloon only partially inflated that gets released in to the atmosphere?

It is a weather balloon

Who is the inventor of the weather balloon?

Jean-Fracois invented the weather balloon in 1783.

What does a weather balloon do?

A weather balloon floats in the atmosphere to gather clue about weather all over the world.

What would a meteorologist use to record the weather and interpret data?

A weather balloon loaded with various instruments. And a computer on the ground to record the data. Data is then sent to National Weather Service to formulate the "BIG PICTURE"

What is a weather balloon?

A weather balloon is something that people who study weather send up into the air to learn more about weather and find weather patterns.

Why are weather balloons released at only part of max volume?

The volume of a balloon depends on the difference in pressure between the inside and outside. As the balloon rises to high altitudes, that pressure outside the balloon drops, so the difference in pressure gets higher, which means the volume of the balloon will increase. A weather balloon that was fully inflated when released from the ground would explode when it got too high.

What does a weather balloon measure?

"A weather balloon is used to obtain the wind pressure in the air.

What is the weather instruments and their functions?

it depends.there are many weather instruments

What will change the size of the weather balloon as it rises?

The pressure of the air inside it. The higher the balloon rises, the lower the outside air-pressure. With less pressure outside, the balloon expands because of the pressure of the air inside it. Eventually, the balloon bursts, and scientists recover the instruments when they fall to earth.

What is the standard volume of a weather balloon?

A 567kg weather balloon is designed to lift a 3670 package.......

How do weather balloons make weather measurements?

A Weather Balloon is attached to an instrument called a Radiosonde. The radiosonde is a a box with smaller instruments to measure the temperature, dew point, wind speed, and wind direction, among other things, at different levels of the atmosphere. The balloon pretty much is there to lift the Radiosonde through the atmosphere.

How accurate are weather instruments?

Weather instruments can be extremely accurate when used properly. Most weather instruments will read temperature and wind direction.

If a weather balloon pops do the instruments fall to the ground?

Yes because there would no longer be an upward force so gravity would pull them down

What is the working principle of a weather balloon?

Simply put, the weather balloon is a lighter-than-air vehicle or aerosonde that provides lift to an instrument package to get it to altitude. The instruments thus situated can collect data which, when combined with other information from both similar and different sources, can be used to assess current conditions, and, as an extension, to forecast weather.

Weather balloons are only partially inflated before they're released into the atmosphere Why is that?

As the weather balloons rise in the atmosphere the outside pressure decreases. This causes the gas inside the balloon to expand. If the balloon was fully inflated on the ground, then the balloon would rupture when it reached the upper atmosphere.

How does weather affect the flight of a balloon?

I believe for those of questioning, that the warmer the weather the more the balloon will expand and pop.

What does the hot air balloon do if the weather is hot?

The balloon will still fly the weather must be above 12 degrees.

A weather balloon filled with a gas is released and rises into the atmosphere as it rises the balloon?

... will expand due to the lower pressure of the upper layers of the atmosphere then it'll pop(yay)

What are weather instruments used for?

to predict the weather

How does a weather balloon float?

with heluim

What is the definition of weather balloons?

weather balloons are instruments that study the weather

What altitude do weather balloons pop?

My engineering class recently launched a weather balloon. The altitude it bursts at depends on how much helium you put in the balloon. Our balloon burst at 90000 feet.

What are the weather variables that may be measured by weather balloon?

Wind volicity