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Maybe, or maybe he just wants to play around, just as a joke. Some people do that.


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There are no proof that she likes either of them but i think she loves Drew,because when Brianna asked May if she loved Drew she blushed. no, may blushed because she didnt thought of that. but i think she likes nobody.

he likes baseball and he loves playing footy

Maybe she doesn't get asked out often. Or she really likes you.

because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it because he likes it

Justin biber really likes Beyonce because i read books abut him and i asked questions face to face and one of my questions were who does he likes and he said he doesn't just likes he loves Beyonce because of her Butt and the way she dances and sings He likes Selena Gomez

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

He likes Jasmine Joan Litulumar Blas... Because I asked him in myspace when we were chatting on I.M....

no she doesnt like to play footy she likes girly things like party and pool partys

Well u can see that a boy likes you by him watching you or trying to hand out with you I know that now because at my school a boy was looking at my but and he finally asked me out

You will know if she like you because she will not ditch you ect. if you asked her out and she said yes you already know that she likes you. dont panic and if things do go wrong she is not the only fish in the sea.

tell him, What are you doing with her! I thought you were my boyfriend!

Try to get him alone and ask him if he likes you. Maybe he wrote that because he likes you and just wanted to see what you thought of him!

Answerwhell if she likes you and you know be honest tell her you like her and that you know that she likes you. But make shure you know that she really likes you because if she dosent that could hurt alot especially if your friends. once one of my friends told a guy i liked and we were close friends and that changed everthing. i think i may have scared him a little because we were like brother and sister. but after a wile he got used to it and we are still friends but he is still cute! and if you know for shure ask her out! Good Luck!-----------------------------------------------------------CAREFUL! Jus because she likes you doesnt mean she will admit it even when you asked her out. i asked a girl out couple months ago, denied everything, yet she likes me, you never know.

I'd think it was sweet, if not a little annoying because he wouldn't have asked me out...

Because they already asked you out, that person probably likes you. The answer is to ask that person out because now you like them. Also, don't be nervous about asking them. And its OK if they say no. Remember, that person asked you out and you said no.

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