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Gravity is not a strong force to begin with and its effect becomes weaker the further an object moves away from another object.

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Why does a brick weigh less in space than it does on earth?

The brick's weight will stay the same however the masswill differ in space. It depends on the amount of gravitational pressure the brick is placed under. The gravity on earth is approximately 10m/s2 and every planet has a different gravity. The mass of the brick will depend on the gravitational pull of the planet. So, to answer your question, the brick would weigh less because it was put under less gravitational pressure from a planet.

What two characteristics affect gravity?

The answer is that the two characteristics that affect gravity are mass and newtons. There is less gravity on the moon than on the earth. A space suit weighs 180 pounds on earth but on the moon it weighed way less than it was when it was on earth.

Would an elephant weight more or less on the moon than it would weight on earth?

Less - an object on the Moon weighs about 1/6 of what it weighs on Earth.

Even though a brick weighs less than a metal-hull ship a brick in a bathtub sinks but a metal-hull ship in the ocean floats why?


Why do astronauts in space experience less gravitational force than they do on earth-?

Astronauts in space experience less gravitational force than they do on earth because the gravitation force in space is not the same as the one on earth.

What are two reasons why a rocket weighs less in orbit than it did on earth before take off?

There is less gravity than on earth.

What weighs the same as the earth?

The planet Venus weighs just slightly less than the Earth. Other than that I do not know of any object that weighs the same as the Earth, although such objects may exist beyond our solar system.

If an astronaut weighs 27 pounds on the moon. how much does the astronaut weigh on earth?

About 160 pounds.(Less than that if the 27 pounds on the moon included his space suit.)

One kg weighs 9.8 N on Earth Would it weigh more or less on the Moon?


Why does a space telescope produce a clearer image then an earth based telescope?

There is less dust in space than earth.

Why does everything has the same mass on earth and the moon but everything weighs more on earth that it does on the moon?

Mass doesn't depend on gravity whereas weight does. And moon has gravity less than earth so a body weighs less on moon as compared to its weight on earth. But mass remains same.

Which requires less fuel launching a rocket from the earth or space?

Earth has gravity so less fuel is needed to move a rocket in space(assume that you mean escape from earth's gravitational field by"from earth")

How much less do you weight on the Moon than you do on Earth?

On the Moon one weighs one-sixth the weight on Earth.

Do you weigh more or less at the centre of earth?

you wight less because of the gravity in space

What weighs more a ounce or a kilogram?

On earth, a kilogram of mass weighs a little over 35 ounces. There are places, though, where it weighs less than one ounce.

Do objects weigh less on the moon than on the earth?

Yes, on the Moon everything weighs 1/6th the weight on Earth.

Is it true that a object ways more on the moon than on the earth?

No. An object weighs less on the moon than on Earth. This is because the gravity on the moon is much less than that of Earth, so there is less of a force pulling down on an object.

Why would a parachute be smaller for a dog than a human?

Usually a dog weighs less.Usually a dog weighs less.Usually a dog weighs less.Usually a dog weighs less.

Do astronauts require more or less sleep than normal when they are in space?

They sleep up to .5 to 2.5 hours less then they do on Earth then in space

An object weighs 10N on the surface of the earthwould it weigh less the same or more on the moon?

An object that weighs 10N on the surface of earth would weigh1.63N on the surface of the moon. That's less.

A man weighs 60 kg on earth how much will he way on moon?

A man that weighs 60 kg on Earth would weigh less on the moon. He would weigh 9.9 kg on the moon.

A person weighs less at the equator than at the poles The main reason for this has to do with?

the spin and shape of the Earth

How is the Moon's gravity composed to earth?

The acceleration of gravity on or near the surface of the moon, and therefore the weight of objects located there, is about 83.5 percent less than on Earth. An object on the surface of the moon weighs about 1/6 of what it weighs on Earth.

One kg weighs 9.8N on earth would it weigh more or less on the moon?

The same 1 kg weighs about 1.6 newtons on the moon.

Why does it take less fuel to launch a space shuttle from moon than from earth?

To launch a space shuttle (or anything) you have to overcome gravity. The gravitational attraction of the moon is tremendously less than that of the Earth. The moon is much smaller than the Earth.