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well as we know that velocity is a vector hence it has magnitude as well as direction. Let us assign sign conventions for direction of velocities in this example: Let eastward velocity be positive and westward be taken as negative. Initial Velocity:-20 Final Velocity:+5 CHange in velocity=Final velocity-Initial Valocity Change in Velocity=5-(-20)=25m/s So change in velocity will be 25m/s

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What is the average velocity of the plane if flying eastward at a constant speed travels 300km in 2.0 h?

300/2 = 150 km/h

What are the dimensions of velocity?

car traveling with constant speed travels 150 km in two hours. What is the speed of the car?

If acceleration equals zero does velocity equal zero?

No.Any body traveling at a steady speed is experiencing velocity without experiencing acceleration. So a for particle traveling steadily at 3m/s, velocity equals 3 m/s, but as long as it travels steadily at this rate, acceleration is 0.

Is the momentum of a car traveling south different from that of the same car when it travels north at the same speed?

No, since they are traveling at the same speed their momentum is the same. However the velocity and exhilaration are different

Which direction will an airplane travel faster east or west considering trade winds and earth rotation?

Aircraft (and weather) travels in the direction of the eastward prevailing winds. High altitude aircraft have to deal with the jet stream. In the US that means westward flights coast-to-coast take an hour longer than eastward flights.

A car traveling at a velocity of 45 mph crashed into a brick wall What is the velocity of the driver the moment after impact if the driver was wearing his seatbelt?

I saw this on that Myth show. The body travels the same speed of the car which would be 45mph.

What has the author Rolf Hennequel written?

Rolf Hennequel has written: 'Stella matutina' 'Eastward' -- subject(s): Poetry, Voyages and travels 'Three Aegyptian stories' 'Eastward; a pilgrimage in 68 cantos' -- subject(s): Poetry, Voyages and travels

An airplane traveling from San Francisco northeast to Chicago travels 1260 km in 3.5 hrs What is the airplane's velocity?

The plane travels 1260 km in 3.5 hours. It therefore travels 1260/3.5 = 360 in 1 hour. The plane's velocity is 360 kph. In real life there may be a headwind which would reduce the speed or a tailwind which would increase the speed of flight.

A car has a mass of 20000kg and travels at 10000ms what is its velocity?

You mean, travels at 10000 m/s.....if so...Its velocity is 10000m/s

What is the velocity of a wave?

How quickly the wave travels

Does weight effect how far an object travels?

in simple terms yes it does effect how far an object travels but it depends how it is traveling what gravity its traveling in and so on.

What does velocity tell you about a moving object?

Velocity tells you what speed a moving object travels at and in what direction.

What is group velocity?

The official definition for the word group velocity is "the speed at which the energy of a wave travels."

What measures speed and direction an object travels?


What is velocity of a car that travels 120 km in 2h?

Just divide the distance by the time. To know the velocity, you would also need to know in what direction the car travels.

Two buses depart from Chicago and going to New York and one to San Francisco. Each bus travels at a speed of 30ms. Do these buses have equal velocities explain.?

No the two buses do not have equal velocities because VELOCITY is the SPEED in a given DIRECTION. One would have a velocity of +30m/s because it is traveling in one direction, and the other would have a velocity of -30m/s because it is traveling in the opposite direction.

What is the relationship between distance and velocity?

Velocity is the ratio of the change in distance that something travels over the amount of time of the change. If an object travels 10 km in 2 hours, its average velocity is 5 km/hr.

What did westward explorers discover during their travels?

they discovered that Justin Bieber is a discrase to mankind

A train travels from one city to another its initial velocity is lower then its final velocity?

Positive acceleration.

Whats the difference between average velocity and instantaneous velocity?

the instantaneous velocity or speed is the speed a body travels at a particular and average velocity is the total distance an object

Which travels the longest distance light traveling 3 sec onds or sound traveling for 100 seconds?

The light travels farther.Sound takes about 10 days to cover the same distance that light travels in 1 second.

Why is a golf ball dimpled?

it is because of the wind andvelocity it travels

What is the velocity of an object that travels 50m in 10s?


The speed at which a planet travels along its path is?

Orbital velocity

Does Light Travel More slowly in a Medium?

Light travels at its maximum velocity c in a vacuum. In a medium with a certain refractive index, it is slowed down and travels with velocity c/index