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The rectangle with the most area for a given perimeter is the square.

Build the room square, with sides of 94-ft. The area is 8,836 square ft.

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What is the standard perimeter of a rectangular building?

Solid objects do not have a perimeter in the geometric sense.

A carpenter is building a rectangular room with a fixed perimeter of 272 ft What dimensions would yield the maximum area What is the maximum area?

If the room has to stay rectangular**, then the maximum area is enclosed when it's a squarewith length and width of 68 ft.Perimeter = 4 x 68 = 272 feet.Area = 682 = 4,624 square feet.** The only way to squeeze more area into the same perimeter is to make it circular.

What are the possible dimensions a rectangular 64 feet building could have?

It is impossible to answer the question without knowing what the "64 feet" refers to. The perimeter, or a misstated measure of area.

How do you set out a rectangular building using builders square?

methods ensuring that a small rectangular building has been set out correctly

What is the dimensions in feet of a one acre rectangular building lot?

An acre is 43,560 square feet. You'll have to do some math to decide what proportions you want that one acre lot to take.

What are typical dimensions for apartment buildings?

what are the typical dimensions of an apartment building

Is the empire state building a rectangular prism?

No because of the Edges the Empire State Building Has.

Does a rectangular prism slide?

It will depend on the friction. A building brick - approximately a rectangular prism - does not slide easily.

The perimeter of a square building is 812 m How long is each side?

If the perimeter of a square building is 812 meter then each side is 203 meter long

How do you get perimeter of building when you know the square feet of a building?

You can't. The area doesn't tell you the dimensions or the perimeter. You absolutely must know something else besides the area. For example, if you know the area, and you also know that the building is square, then the perimeter is four times the square root of the area. But that's only an example. The main thing is: You can't figure out anything else from just the area and no other information. Here's an example: If you had a building that was 40ft x 40ft it's square feet would be 1600, but it's perimeter would be 40+40+40+40 or 160. If instead you had a building that was 20ft x 80ft it's square feet would be 1600, but it's perimeter would be 20 + 80 + 20 + 80 or 200. So see, both have the same square feet, but different perimeters.

What is a sentence for the word rectangular?

I've always found standard rectangular or square rooms to be boring.I ordered a rectangular cake, you've made it triangular.

Describe the geometry used to design the Taj Mahal?

The symmetry if the building and rectangular an circular parts if the building

How do you calculate the square feet in a building?

If you assume a rectangular building, you measure the length and the width (in feet, in this case), and multiply.

What building in nashville look like a cell wall?

That depends on the cell, if it's a plant cell any rectangular building will do.

Do you need a plumber or a carpenter to set up a bathroom cabinet vanity?

You would need a carpenter to set up a bathroom cabinet vanity. A carpenter specializes in building cabinets and furniture with wood. A plumber works with pipes.

What is the walkway around perimeter of building called?

This is known as a COMMON AREA WALKWAY

What is an abstract noun for carpenter?

The abstract noun form of the concrete noun 'carpenter' is carpentry, a word for the process or the art of building something from wood.

What geometric figures are in the Alamo building?

The major geometric figure in the design of the Alamo building is the shape of a cross. Attached to side of the building are several rooms of rectangular shape.

What is the dimensions of the Modis building in Florida?

The Modis building in Florida is a 365,800 square foot, 21-story building that was built in 1986. The building has a taxable value of 33.3 million dollars.

What is a specification?

A detailed description or an assessment of requirements, dimensions and materials for a proposed building

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