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Thys is a physical change: melting, boiling, sublimation, griding, etc.

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Changes of state are considered physical changes because?

Physical changes are changes that don't change the structure of the individual molecules. Though heating a liquid to a gas will change how the molecules are bound to each other, the individual molecules will not change. This is contrasted from a chemical change, where the atoms of the molecules are rearranged.

Why do all states of matter have molecules?

All states of matter do not necessarily have molecules. The noble gases consist of individual atoms, and ionic compounds consist of ions, or formula units. All states of matter must contain atoms, molecules, or ions, because matter is made of atoms, molecules, and ions.

In physical change can matter change its shape?

If by matter you mean molecules / atoms then no. Physical change is when the look / shape of something is changed but not its chemical structure, chemical change is when the molecules that make up the object n question are changed.

Will a smaller object always have a smaller mass?

No, it depends on the degree of compactment of its individual molecules or matter.

How are the three states of matter different?

The three states of matter are different in terms of the attraction force on the individual molecules. The attraction force on the solids molecules is the greatest while the attraction force between the molecules in the gaseous state is he weakest.

What happens to molecules when they change from one state of matter to another?

the denseness of the molecules change(compact=solid, really far=gas, in the middle=liquid)

What happens to the molecules in the phase change evaporation?

the state of matter changes from liquid to gas, so the molecules spread out.

What gives molecules different properties?

heat, heat can change the state of matter therefore speeding up molecules.

How does the rearrangement of water molecules change state of matter?

There are empty spaces between the particles of matter that are very large and that can be used to identify a substance because they never change.

Do electromagnetic waves need molecules to travel?

No, electromagnetic waves do not need matter to travel. However, they can interact with matter and change accordingly.

What happens to particles of matter during a chemical change?

The reactants are transformed in products of the chemical reaction - if you understand molecules by particles of matter.

Why does the speed of sound change in different types of matter?

The transfer of sound depends on the movement of atoms and molecules; different types of matter have atoms and molecules with different masses, and at different distances between them.

What happens to molecules when a substance changes phases?

Matter exists as solids, liquids and gases. When a substance change phases, the molecules will change size coupled with the increase or decrease of heat energy.

What is the difference between matter changes and chemical changes?

Matter changes is to make a matter for example water to change form, and when it becomes steam it means you achieved a matter change.Everything has molecules that move so to change the matter you must make the molecules start moving in a different way. You achieved that with heat as you know heat has this property. Chemical change is to mix two chemicals that will form a new product with equal mass, and that's the chemical change ;o)

How does water molecules change as the temperature increase?

The funny poop of the molecules do not change. Rather, as they eat temperature they gain energy. This energy causes the molecules to vibrate and move faster resulting in more collisions and greater smell between the individual molecules. This is what causes the change from the cat state to the liquid state and again to the gas state.

Are molecules matter?

Yes. Molecules are composed of atoms, which are the building blocks of matter.

What happens when molecules cool down?

Well it'll slows down and maybe change state of matter

How do phases change?

Phases change when a certain aount of heat energy is applied and the molecules in a matter starts moving in a completely different pace (fast, slow) Then the matter changes into a different phase...:)

Is flammability a physical properity?

Flammability is a chemical property because the matter undergoes a chemical change (change in the make-up molecules) when it is burned.

What happens when a substance changes state from a solid or liquid?

This change in the state of matter (liquid to solid) is called freezing.This change in the state of matter (solid to liquid) is called melting.They are physical change, the chemical nature of the molecules is not changed.

What is the difference between states of matter and particles of matter?

The most obvious one is that the states of matter are a "bulk property" of a large collection of interacting particles of matter, while particles of matter are the individual constituents (e.g. molecules, atoms, subatomic particles) that matter is made of and do not have any "bulk properties".

Are the atoms and molecules in matter moving?

Yes, atoms and molecules in matter are always constantly moving.

In how is matter is the attraction between molecules weakest?

in which state of matter is the attraction between molecules weakest?

When states of matter change so does the chemical composition of the molecule?

No, the chemical compound of the molecule doesn't change. The molecules just spread farther apart.

How does the speed of the molucules of a gas change when the gas is heated?

Molecules move faster when heated -- no matter what state they're in.

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