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The only way to get a code for a bear is to buy a bear from your local build a bear workshop and get the code from the bottom of the birth certificate and enter it into build a bear ville and you get the bear that you bought.

Btw, I am emilycheerbear on buildabearville. If you want you can send me a friend request and I hope I will see you on buildabearville!

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2010-08-01 05:52:26
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Q: A code to anything on Build-a-Bearville like a furry friend or an item?
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Does anyone have a furry friend code?

you have to buy a furry friend to get the code

Any codes for a furry friend on buildabearville used once?

id number 0143820046754 key code 173112 i used it and it works so hope it helps!

What furry friend would you have if you typed in this code 679880ff5?

Hmmmmmmmmm..... How can i put this to u? Why don't you type in the code and see what "furry" friend you have???????!!!!!!!!

Does The Mini Furry Friend Not the full size give you a furry friend online code and a cub condo?


Furry friend id and key code that is unused?

furry friend- 2009-4783-837 id-34586

Build-a-Bearville furry friends code?

You can get a furry friend by making it at your local BABW ( Build-A-Bear Workshop )

Can you have a furry friends code on buildabear please?

=hey people do u want a furry friend code to get one first go to town==square and then go to the work shop and then click on the bear and click on==bring furry friend to life and then put the Id code which is 4584577468767 and the key code which is 16413278516=

Build a bearville furry friend code?

no way i only have 2

How do people get a furry friend choice on bearville?

In order to get a 'furry friend choice' or 'open certificate' on Bearville, you basically have to purchase a furry friend from Build-A-Bear that is so new that they haven't made an online version of it yet. You will then receive a code so that you can get any furry friend you want on Bearville.

How do you make your furry friend on Build-a-Bearville?

To register your furry friend online, go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop store in Town Square and click on Champ, the bear standing behind the counter. Click on 'Bring furry friends to life online?', 'I have a birth certificate that has an Animal ID and Key Code for my Furry Friend', and enter the Animal ID and Key Code found on your furry friend's birth certificate.

What is a key code in build a bear?

its a code you find on ur certificate when you buy a furry friend!!

What is a buildabear animal ID and keycode?

A build-a-bear animal ID code is the code you will be given on your Bears certificate. You type it in to get your furry friend online. The Keycode is valid information to validate your furry friend.

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