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A colorful bird that can talk?

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A PARROT and a scarlet macaw and a bird that is black and can talk is the Africa grey and the white bird that can talk is a cockatoo just in case your wondering

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Q: A colorful bird that can talk?
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What is the most colorful bird in the rainforests?

A macaw parrot is the most colorful bird in the rainforest

What bird is colorful talking bird?


What is the difference between an eagle and a parrot?

An eagle is has a white head and brown body and is the national bird of the USA. A parrot is a pet bird that is very colorful and can talk short sentences.

What bird that has colorful feathers?

A Peacock??

What is a colorful bird with webbed feet?

A toucan

What is the most colour full bird?

The most colorful bird is probably the Rainbow Lorikeet. Other colorful birds are birds from the king fisher family, birds from the bird of paradise family and the peacock.

How can you distinguish a female bird from a male bird?

Mostly a female bird has less color and the male bird is more colorful.

How do you tell the sex of a bird?

What species of bird? Males are often more colorful then the females.

Whats a toucan?

An exotic bird with a colorful beak.

Are parakeets the most colorful bird in the world?

it depends.

What is an example of a colorful bird of the rainforest?

parrot:D or a tucan:D

What is a colorful tropical bird with a large beak?

A toucan.

What is a five letter word for colorful bird?


What kind of bird is on the Froot Loops box?

The bird is Toucan Sam. He is a toucan, a colorful long-beaked bird related to the barbets and more distantly to woodpeckers. Toucans, native to the tropical Americas, do not actually "talk" or mimic as parrots, parakeets, and mynahs do.

A colorful bird?

Rosela No its Roselia and Toucans and Parrots i think

What bird starts with a p that has colorful feathers?


Which is fruit eating bird with large colorful beak?


How do you draw a Quetzal?

A quetzal is a type of bird. If you want to draw the bird, you can draw it like a regular bird but with a long tail. The bird is very colorful.

How can you tell a boy bird from a girl bird?

usually the boy birds have bolder colors and/or are more colorful.

What is the most colorful bird in the world?

The flying condogs which is native to Lithuania

What is a bird that is brightly colored with long colorful tail feathers?


Which bird is called lily of birds?

The African roller! super colorful

Who do you talk to if you have no friends?

Simple. Talk to a pet. Weather it be a dog, cat, or bird, especially a bird because you can teach them to talk.

What is a bird known for its colorful feathers?

It's either a Parrot, a parakeet, or a peacock.

What does a gecko looks like?

it looks like a colorful lizard with bird feces