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This is the condition of polyploidy. Plants speciate by this method quite often.

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Presence of complex extra sets of chromosomes?

The condition in which an organism has complete extra sets of chromosomes is called polyploidy. This condition can cause a number of severe birth defects. Most do not live a full lifespan for their species.

The condition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes is called?


What is polyploidy?

Polyploidy is the condition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes. It can be defined as a chromosomal alteration in which the organism posses more than two complete chromosome sets. Classified as an accident in cell division.

When is polyploid useful?

Polyploidy allows the formation of new species derived from different ancestors. Polyploid is the condition in which an organism has extra sets of chromosomes.

Complete extra sets of chromosomes?


The presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?

Polyploidy is the heritable condition of possessing more than two complete sets of chromosomes. Polyploids are common among plants, as well as among certain groups of fish and amphibians.

Presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?


What is a presence of a complete extra set of chromosomes?

The answer is a Polyploidy

What the presence of complete extra sets of chromosomes?


What is the prescence of complete extra sets of chromosomes called?


What is polyploidy and how are polyploid plants different from diploid plants?

polyploidy is a condition where an organism has extra sets of chromosomes. polyploid plants are often larger and stronger than diploid plants

What term reffers to the occourrance of one or more sets of extra chromosomes in an organism?


What happens if you have 47 chromosomes?

Trisomic condition in which there is one extra chromosome on an autosome. For eg. Down's Syndrome

What would happen if an organism got the wrong number of chromosomes?

It depends on which chromosomes were present as to what the abnormality would be, if any. If they were missing one or had one extra there would be developmental abnormalities.

Down syndrome is caused by having an extra copy of what chromosomes?

21, the condition is also referred to as trisomy 21.

What happens if you have and extra pair of chromosomes?

if you have an extra pair of 21 chromosomes, you will have down syndrome. if you have a 23 pair of chromosomes then i believe that you will be super human, (very fast, very strong, heals in seconds and will be almost invincible. When talking about down syndrome you don't get an extra pair of chromosomes, you get a single extra chromosome on the 21 pair of chromosomes.

What condition is caused by a chromosome going the wrong way during genetic formation producing a zygote with an extra chromosome?

An abnormal number of chromosomes is called aneuploidy. If a chromosome has 3 of its kind, it is trisomic. The exact condition depends on which gene has the extra chromosome.

What is the medical term meaning condition in which a person has an abnormal number of chromosomes?

The general term is aneuploidy. Some examples: Down Syndrome is a commonly known condition in which the person has an extra copy, making three, of the 21st chromosome. Others are Edwards Syndrome (an extra 18th) and Patau Syndrome (and extra 13th).

What are the disorders that can be observed in a human karyotype?

Chromosomal disorders can be observed in a human karyotype. It can show whether there are extra chromosomes, or missing chromosomes, or malformed chromosomes, or whether chromosomes have extra pieces, or missing pieces.

If the cell starts with 46 chromosomes and each of the two daughter cells end with 46 chromosomes where did the extra chromosomes come from?

In sexual reproduction, two sexes are used to make the offspring. The "extra" chromosomes come from the sperm.

What is it called when you have an extra set of chromosomes?


Having extra sets of chromosomes?


What if you have less chromosomes?

I am aware of three genetic disorders involving extra chromosomes. I know of none involving less chromosomes.

How does Down's syndrome affect chromosomes?

It doesn't affect chromosomes but it adds an extra 21st chromosome

Is cleft lip due to a lack if chromosomes or extra chromosomes?

No , it is caused by a single gene mutation .