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Does not use photographic film.

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Can I use an SLR lens attachment on a digital camera?

Yes you can use a SLR lens as an attachment on some digital camera. You will have to check the camera to see if there is an attachment that is available on the camera.

What is unique about a digital camera case?

Digital Camera cases, like all camera cases are used to protect and carry the camera while it is not in use.

Which brand of digital camera makes the easiest to learn camera for a beginner?

Kodak is widely accepted as the easiest to use digital camera.

Do you need a digital camera for tabletop photography?

A digital camera is not required but recommeneded in the use of tabletop photography. A digital camera simplifies the process and allows for faster results.

Is there a digital camera version of the one use camera?

Yes, there are disposable, one-time use digital cameras, however I doubt they are very popular since they tend to be expensive ($20 per camera) and you can get a reusable digital camera for around $50.

Why use a digital camera instead of still frame from camcorder?

Because a camcorder in camera mode is "about" 1 to 3 megapixels (as a digital camera), and the photos look terrible in comparison to a dedicated digital camera.

What kind of lens is required for a Canon digital camera?

For a Canon digital camera, a 50mm camera lens is just about right. You can also use other lenses depending on what kind of digital camera you are using.

Does a digital camera use films?

the answer is simply no

Can you use a digital camera on an airplane?

it depends on where your from, but its best NOT to use a camera in the plane for security reasons

Where can I find a digital camera for professional users?

The canon powershot is the best digital camera for professional use on the market today,

What kind of digital camera do the pros use?

. Professionals mainly use the SLR type of digital camera and sometimes use "digital backs". As for makes, my personal opinion is to go with either Canon or Nikon cameras. .

What type of camera does Anne Geddes use?

She uses a Hasselbad digital camera.

Does a digital camera use film?

a digital camra uses a memory card.

Why was the digital camera a success?

The best feature of the digital camera is that you can view images instantly. They are also easier to use and you have more of a control over the film camera.

What is the purpose of using the digital camera?

Normally digital camera is use to caputre memories.. but in market there are huge range of digital camera. Digital SLR / SLT (Single-Lens Translucent) Cameras are different from normal digital camera. There are varios brands Nikon, Canon, Sony. But SLT Technology is Sony proprietary for Alpha Camera.

How do you use a digital camera?

You use it much the same as a film camera except that you don't have to have the film developed.

Can you use a Kodak easy sara IS digital camera as a webcam?

You can use a Kodak easy sara IS digital camera as a webcam only if it does not have automatic closing lens.

What is the use of Digital Camera?

You can use a digital camera to focus the picture , regular cameras dont have it, it can record videos, edit, and an easier way to zoom into a scene.

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

What Leica Digital camera is best to use while outside?

In my opinion, the best Leica Digital camera to use while outside would be the Leica M9 18MP Digital Range Finder Camera. It's rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Where was the digital camera developed?

at the digital camera factory!

What sets the Sony Cybershot digital camera apart from other digital cameras?

Sony cybershot digital camera is set apart from other digital cameras because you can upload the pictures directly to the internet from your camera, without having to use your cord.

What is the difference between eos cameras and digital cameras?

EOS is technology which is mostly use for camera lens and Digital camera is an electronics gadget.

What is the difference between a disposable and digital camers?

The difference between a disposable and digital camera is that a disposable camera gets its photos developed and is disposed after it's use. A digital camera lasts for the life of the camera and can store its high quality photos inside its memory.

Is digital camera a noun or a verb?

"Digital camera" is two words. "Camera" is a noun and "digital" is an adjective describing the camera. Neither word is a verb.

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