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A Doctor Who specialises in Heart diseases is known as a "Cardiologist".

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Q: A doctor who specialises in heart diseases is known as?
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Which type of doctor do you need if you have rheumatoid arthritis?

A Doctor that specialises in the treatment of arthritic diseases is known as a rheumatologist.

What is the name for the doctor treating only arthritis?

A doctor that that specialises in the treatment of arthritis as known as a Rheumatologist.

What is doctor for the brain known as?

A psychiatrist specialises in treating mental disorders. A neurosurgeon specialises in the physical side of the brain, and is commonly referred to as a brain surgeon.

What are the common ailments of the heart and their symptom and the diseases?

one of the heart diseases are congenital heart disease or commomnly known as blue baby syndrome,angina pectoris ,heart failure and last but not the least the coronary thrombosis or commonly known as the ' heart attack '

What is known as a doctor uses to hear your heart?


What is other name for cardiologist?

A cardiologist is also known as a heart doctor or heart specialist.

What three known diseases are omega 3 fatty acids known to help prevent or minimize?

heart cholesterol diabetes

What are the diseases that the heart would have?

The disease that is best known for affecting the heart is simply called heart disease. Heart disease is caused by a blockage in the arteries, which can often lead to a heart attack.

What is one of the main diseases associated with smoking?

The main diseases associated with smoking are obviously lung and heart diseases. Less known diseases include Alzheimer's and liver failure are also associated with smoking.

Does a heart disease have a medical treatment for it?

Well it all depends on which heart disease a person has. The type determines the treatment. But there is a treatment for all known heart diseases.

What is the cardiology department for?

Like many medical specialties, Cardiology is another specialty that deals with treatment of heart related defects and diseases. A doctor who specializes in the study of heart is known as a cardiologist. Cardiologists deal with problems like heart congestion, valvular contraction etc. Cardiologists also use electronic medical records to document clinical encounters related to heart. These specific EMRs are also known as specialty EMRs.

What did dred Scott become known as?

being the first doctor to do an open heart surgery

What is a Doctor Who does surgery?

They are known as surgeons. There are brain surgeons, heart surgeons, and general surgeons.

What minerals are in tomatoes?

Lycopene is a substance usually found in tomatoes..This substance is known to help reduce heart diseases.

Diseases caused by germ cell mutation?

Such diseases are known as birth defects, or congenital diseases.

What diseases are carried by bed bugs?

It is not known that bed bugs carry any diseases, but they are known to carry 24 pathogens known to us.

What is in the skin of an apple?

An apple's skin has vitamins and flavonoid called "quercetin" that prevents wrinkles from forming. Aside from that, apples are also known to help avoid heart diseases. As the saying goes, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". This is true. So, keep eating those apples.

Are Asian tiger mosquitos dangerous?

Asian tiger mosquitoes can be dangerous because they can carry diseases. They are known carriers of encephalitis as well as dog heart-worm.

How many diseases are known to mankind?

there are thousands of them that are known to mankind.

Can possums give diseases to humans?

There are no known diseases transmissable from possums to humans.

Why is your heart known as a heart when it really isn't?

How is your heart not a heart?

Which state is known as the heart of dixie?

Alabama is known as the Heart of Dixie

How many diseases can a mouse cause?

There are 63 known diseases that a mouse can get, excluding STD's.

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Tuberculosis was originally known as consumption.

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Sarcoidosis is a lesser known disease.