A famous person form Maine?

Maine was famous for shipbuilding. They used white pine for the mast that grew straight and tall in the Maine woods. (This is why it is the state tree and flower.)

These days Maine is more famous for lobster and blueberries.

It is also known for its rocky shore, popular with tourists. It is also known as the summer home of the Bush family and the home of L.L. Bean.

Maine is also famous for being home to one of the first English colonies in the New World, although it faltered after only a year. Some refer to it as Popham Colony, others simply call it Sabino.


Maine produces 25% of all non-cultivated blueberries in North America, Over 50% of the lobster catch in the United States, shellfishing (clamming, oysters, mussels, scallops), It's cold winters, it's vast, healthy, and thick forests of which Maine is 90%, friendly people, the ocean and coastline (Maine has more coastline than California!) LL Bean, 63 lighthouses, North America's tallest white pine tree, Acadia National Park, over 6,000 lakes and ponds, it's 400+ outer islands, vast quantities of drugs, and the crime rate is extremely high, however nobody gets caught, that's why you hear, nothing bad ever happens in Maine and it's such a safe state and great place to live.

Things it's not-so famous for: Excessively rich folk, shopping malls, correckt grammah, industrialization, metropolitan cities, etc.

Actually I don't think there is that much crime here in Maine. And there are some verrrry rich people down in Acadia on Bar Harbor. Maine is also known for skiing, snowmobiling, and winter activities. We have a very ammusing accent: "We need to pahk the cah in the garage" means We need to Park the Car in the garage. But You have to give Maine credit for inventing bubblegum and earmuffs.