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A fast way for penguins to travel on land is sliding on their bellies. This allows them to travel faster and farther.

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Q: A fast way for penguins to travel on land?
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Why do penguins do tobogganing?

They don't really walk very well and, of course can't fly, so this is a very good way of going somewhere as fast as they can on land.

Why are the Adelie and Emperor penguins not nocturnal animals?

Being nocturnal is a way of avoiding predators. The Adelie and Emperor penguins do not have any predators on land.

Are penguins nocturnal?

No. Nocturnal activity is for most animals a way to avoid predators. Penguins don't have predators on land, so they rest at night.

Are penguins more active on land than in water?

no way are you crazy they would die

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One way in which humans affect the survival of penguins is by altering its habitat. Pollution of oceans is one way humans affect the penguins' survival. Another way is by over-fishing the oceans. Penguins are seabirds and eat fish. Global warming is melting the ice that Antarctic penguins need to roost and breed. In more temperate areas, such as Australia's southern shores where Little Penguins live, introduced species such as dogs and feral cats affect the penguins' nesting sites, killing these small and defenceless birds on land.

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