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Starfishes and phytoplankton.Mold,bacteria,and fungus

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What are a few decomposers of the sea?

Some examples of sea decomposers are fungi and bacteria. They play an important role in the release of the last nutrients and minerals from organics and reprocessing them back to the ecosystem.

What are some sea decomposers?

Sea decomposers break down organic material in the ocean. These sea decomposers include crabs, sea urchins, shrimp, and seaweed.

Are sea sponges decomposers?

No, sea sponges are not decomposers. Sponges are filter feeders.

What decomposers live in the Mediterranean sea?

There are many decomposers that live in the Mediterranean sea. Monk seal and the loggerhead sea turtles are the common decomposers in the Mediterranean.

What are examples of decomposers in the ocaen?

A few decomposers of the ocean would be..... bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, sea worms, brittle stars There's also Nassarius snails and Sand sifting Starfish.

Are sea horses decomposers?

seahorses are NOT decomposers they are comsumers dah.

Are sea snakes decomposers?

No. Like all other snakes, sea snakes are predators.

What are decomposers of the ocean?

A few decomposers of the ocean are: bacteria, fungus, marine worms, sea slugs, sea worms, brittle stars, etc. There's also Nassarius snails and Sand sifting Starfish. They eat Defrius out of the sand.

What are the decomposers in the sea?


What are some decomposers of the Black Sea?

some decomposers of the black sea are salmon larva, zoo plankton and snails

Are sea worms decomposers?

Sea worms are decomposers which are very useful in creating a balanced ecosystem. Decomposers are living factors that break down plant and animals completely.

What sea animals are decomposers?

Sea animals the main sea animals that are decomposers are crabs and shrimp. Both crabs and shrimp comb the sea floor in search of things to eat.

What are decomposers of the sea?

Planktons and Zooplanktons

Are sea cucumbers decomposers?


Are sea slugs decomposers?


What are the decomposers in the South Pacific Ocean?

sea slugs sea worms

What eats sea stars?

decomposers after it dies

Are sea cucumbers secondary consumers?

They are decomposers.

Are seals decomposers?

Seals are not decomposers but consumers. They feed on small fish in the sea or ocean. Decomposers are the ones that feed of dead decaying matter.

Are copepods decomposers?

Copepods are collections of small crustaceans that belong to the sea. No, copepods are not decomposers; they are primary consumers.

What are some wetland decomposers?

Sea Slater and worms

Are sea anemones producers decomposers or consumers?


Are kelp decompsers?

No , kelps are not decomposers . Kelps are brown algae and act as producers in sea .fungi and bacteria are decomposers .

What are the major microbial decomposers of plant and animal material?

Most animals are consumers, very few are decomposers. Examples of decomposers are earthworms, craps, and fungi.

What decomposers live in water?

Many types of decomposers live in the water. The most common are marine worms, starfish, sea urchins, bacteria, fungi, and underwater macro decomposers.