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a friend a someone who has sex with your exgirlfriend when you turn around

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Q: A friend is a present you give to yourself-definition?
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What is the best present to give a friend that they will remember?

well you do not have to buy a present because the bestest presents can not be baught and that is a present that your friend will never forget.

What do you do if your friend is mean to you after you give her a birthday present?

don't hang out with them, their not a true friend if they´re mad at you for a birthday present. A true friend wouldn't be mad unless you got into a reasonable fight.

Should you give your number to your past x boyfriend and present best friend?

Leave the past in the past and unless you are thinking of getting back with your ex then keep moving forward. Give your present best friend your number.

What do you do when your best friend doesn't give you a birthday present for a reason?

Well, enen though he/she did not give you a present it does not matter because a present is optinal.but... If you two ever go shopping you you could ask her/him to buy it for an exchange Present

What is a good birthday present for a best friend?

You could give them a friendship bracelet or necklace?

What present should you give to your friend?

a four leaf clover............ let them know that you are lucky to have them

What do you give as a present to a friend of a friend?

Well first I would ask what top 5-10 things and get one or get one close it

How do you make a good Christmas gift for your mother?

Wrap your self in a box have a friend to help,ask friend to give the present to her and she will love it.

How much money should you give a friend as a wedding present?

at least 500 dollars for the honeymoon

What do get you friend after a fight?

a big huge hug, and apology, and if you wan to give them a present, get them what ever they like

What happens when you write a letter to a fairy?

She will reply asking you to be her friend she might even give you a present

How do you make up with a best friend if she is mad at you for no reason?

i'd give them a present. hope it works:)

What is the best birthday present you can give to your best friend on her 14th birthday?

Give him something that is useful to him. Has he mentioned something he wished to have before, buy that for him.

Whats a good present to give to yo boyfriend for his birthday?

This really depends on what your boy friend likes. Get him what HE likes.

How do you express yourself to your best friend that you enjoy having their friendship?

Give them a random present and note telling them how you feel :)

Should I give my best friend an Engagement present?

Typically an engagement present is optional. When given, such as you're planning, it's best to keep it very informal and fun.

Do you give the host a present at a farewell party?

If it is the host that is leaving and the party is for them then yes, you do give a gift. If they are hosting the party for a friend or family member then you would give the gift to the person leaving.

How do you get Pokepark Wii?

Buy it, Internet/shop or maybe (but probably not) a kind friend will give it to you or you might get it for a present like I did at Christmas.

What is a good gift to give to a friend?

Give your time to your friend

What is the present participle for give?

Present participle for the word give is giving.

How do you get a friend on pet party on agamecom?

You go to the super market and buy any sort of circle brush and go to whoever you want to give the present to and put the present anywhere and go home and about 3 minutes and go and see if that pet is your friend

What is the present tense of give?


Does the word give is a past tense or present?

"Give" is a present tense verb.

What might a matador give to a fan as a souvenir?

If a matador is awarded a trophy of an ear, two ears or a tail, he may present them to a friend in the audience.

Is it safe to give out your friend code?

yes !! its safe to give out your friend code!!!