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A genetic characteristic?

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Another important genetic characteristic of Marfan syndrome is variable expression.

Contains genetic information

A genetic trait is a distinguishing characteristic that is passed from parent to offspring.

The genetic traits, both physical and behavioral, that the individual possesses on his personal genome.

They have genetic material and they reproduce.

A genetic trait is a characteristic that gets inherited by an offspring from the parent. Some examples of genetic traits are height, eye color, and skin color.

The gene sequence of a DNA determines the variation of genetic expression in phenotypes.

the genetic transmission of characteristic from parent to offspring

According to me they usually results in different genetic sequences

this is the genetic observable characteristic of an organism which is variated by gene or chromosome mutation

characteristic: the feature that is seemed in the objectsuch as , you seem has black hair.traits: the genetic in the object but it is not seemedsuch as , you have genetic of brown and black

The most significant characteristic of sexual reproduction is genetic variability. Variation produced by sexual reproduction starts during meiosis.

They are all single celled organisms with genetic material contained in a nucleus.

A nucleus of a cell contains chromosomes that carry genetic information. Chromosomes are made from long, coiled molecules of DNA. A gene is a shorter region of DNA that carries the genetic code for a particular characteristic.

They all have a nucleic acid genetic code, weather it is DNA or RNA can vary but, it is always nucleic acids. They have genetic material. ---- Novanet

If you mean why your dog has protruding ocular globes, it is just a genetic inherited characteristic of the race.

The phenotype is the physical characteristic like blue eyes and the genotype is Xx or the genetic combination

Genetic variations observed in phenotype can be used to produce plants or animals that either have that characteristic, or if it is an undesireable trait the individuals that have it can be culled from the reproductive population.

It is to reproduce any kind of genetic material and give it to the next generation.

its a genetic characteristic called heterochromia its perfectly normal i know because i have it and was born with it

A trait is an observable, physical characteristic of an organism (a phenotype). A FACTOR is the underlying genetic cause of the TRAIT (the genotype).

Is the genetic abnormality which is a characteristic of a haematological malignancy, chronic myeloid leukemia.

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