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The Bible does not mention any gifts given by the humble shepherds.

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Q: A gift from the shepherds to baby Jesus?
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Who visited baby jesus first?

The first people that visited Jesus as a baby were the shepherds. The shepherds were visited by an angel and were told about Jesus' birth.

What is the gift from the shepherds to Jesus?

The bible does not mention any form of gifts by the shepherds.

Who was the first to visit baby Jesus?

The wise men (shepherds)

Did the shepherds visit Jesus as a baby in the manger?

Yes they did.

These visited baby Jesus?

The Angels, the Shepherds, the Magi.

Who were the 1st people to visit baby Jesus?

The shepherds.

Who came to visit the baby jesus in luke's gospel?

The wisemen and the shepherds came to see the baby Jesus.

How were the shepherds and kings able to locate the place where jesus was born?

The shepherds and the wise men located the baby Jesus , with the help of the bright star.

Which gospel describes the shepherds visit to baby Jesus?

The account of the shepherds is only given in Luke 2.

Who told the shepherds to look for baby Jesus?

The angels told the shepherds to search for the babe in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.

Giftfs from three Shepherds to baby Jesus?

The shepherds did not give Jesus gifts. The wise men from the east gave Jesus gifts of gold, frankincence, and myrrh. He was about two years old when they came.

What became of the shepherds who were present at the birth of Jesus?

They were just poor, humble shepherds out in the field; the Bible doesn't mention any anything about them after they went to see the baby Jesus.

What did the shepherds gift of a lamb to Jesus signify?

The bible does not mention anything of a lamb given to christ .

What place are the shepherds going?

If you are asking about the shepherds in the bible, in the New Testament there were going to see baby Jesus. There were headed to Bethlehem in Judaea.

What did the shepherds give Jesus?

The shepherds didn't give Jesus anything. But, some people say that Mary and Joseph used a baby lamb to warm Jesus that night, since it was cold.

When was mryrrh used?

as a gift for baby jesus

What did the three Shepherds give baby jesus?

the give Jesus:Mercury gold, franckancence and mer

What was the name of the star that guided the shepherds to baby jesus?

The bible does not name the star at all.

Who are the people who followed the star to find baby Jesus?

The Shepard's and the wise man

What gift did King Melchior bring the baby Jesus?

King Melchior brought frankincense to the baby Jesus.

Did the angels tell the shepherds they should worship the Baby Jesus?

The angels did tell them that the baby was God's son and that they should worship him

What gift did casper give to baby Jesus?


Did the angels tell the shepherds they could find the baby Jesus in a stable?

Yes they were told to go.

How many shepherds visited the baby Jesus?

The number isn't mentioned, but more than one.

What were the names of the shepherds that visited baby Jesus?

Luke's gospel alone gives an account of the shepherds (Luke 2:8-20), and it doesn't provide their names.