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This is what you should say: "We're you serious?" Think! Use your brain! Oh, wait, that's right. You don't have one!

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One of my friends a girl asked me out but she was kidding but I couldn't really be sure she was kidding. She then asked me when we were going out. What should I do?

if she's not kidding , i think you should go with her or maybe she's thinking you want her to take her some where. it maybe also like this that you both are misunderstanding each other. well!!!! she has already asked you than it can be also like this ''that she wants you to take her somewhere where you both can spend time together.'' i think my solution can help ya!!. u better go out with her! spend some time. have fun

How do you know if a girl was kidding when she asked you out?

By how she acts, her body language, and her eyes.

What to do when a girl said she needs to think before dating?

You should wait for her to answer you if you have already asked her out.

SHould I ask this girl to be my girl friend or what should I do?

I think you should! I mean i am a girl and if a dude asked me out i will say yes. And you do not know maybe she likes you too!!!!:) and u like this guy? yes.

Does Alex Wong of so you think you can dance have a girl friend?

You must be kidding.

What does it mean when a girl wants more time to think?

Depends what you asked her! But if you asked her out then its probably a yes.

What should a girl say to a guy when they asked you what you think about in the shower?

well if it were me music but you must say somthing that is like your favorite activity

When a girl said let me think about it when asked out?

She is Playing Hard To Get

Who is dating Justin bierber?

i think the Selena Gomez chick i think he should not date no 1 because he is to busy for a girl..................................... i looked and it said no i asked him joking the website of him

How can you tell if ypur dog is a boy or a girl?

You are kidding right??? Umm, well how do tell if a human baby is a boy or a girl?? Same way for dogs!! WOW!! You have got to be kidding!! Maybe you and your dog should go see the vet, he can tell you what the sex of the puppy is, as well as let you know if you are a boy or a girl also. That second one costs more I think!!! WOW!!! OMG!!!

How do you become Friends with a girl I already asked out?

If you already asked a girl out that should be the beginning of friendship. Try and call her, ask about the happening on her side.

You were asked by a girl to a dance but she says you have to pay You think the person asks pays Who is right?

She is right! The guy should always be the one to pay for a girl on a date. Even though she asked you to go to the dance, you should be gentleman enough to pay for her. Girls like guys that are chivalrous. Always remember this!!

What is his favorite girl celberity?

well he asked out beonce so i think her

You still like the girl you asked out?

Well i think you should find out if she still likes you and if she does go for it!! i mean really if she does there might be a relatonship. good luck

What questions should you ask your boyfriend?

Just ask him anything that you feel needs to be asked like have you ever cheated on a girl and to see if you should stay with him he will think you are cute for asking that question.

When should a girl where a bra?

when should a girl wear a bra? u asked at the age of 11 or 12 i would say yw

How do you answer yes to a girl who asked you out?

Tell her you may need to think about it then answer a day later

My dream girl asked me out to the prom but the problem is i am in the 9th grade and freshmen can't go to proms at my school she's in the eleventh grade do you think she likes me and should i ask out?

Yes I do think you should ask her out.You might have a chance with her.

When should a girl ask out a boy?

I think that a girl should ask a guy out when she is ready. being a girl my self i look down on those girls who think that the guys are supposed to ask the girls out but its not always the case my friend asked someone out and they have been going out for about six years now. :) xx Don't ever let anyone tell you that you should wait for a guy to ask you out !

This girl asked me out but I told her I like someone else. I know I will never have a shot with the girl i like. So should I say yes to the girl that asked me?

Only if you like the girl who asked you out enough to keep the relationship conpteble and lasting. If you don't have faith in the girl then dont go with it.

If you think a girl likes you but your not sure should you ask her out?

First, try to be comepletly sure, after that, ask her out, if she likes you, she would be thinking "finally! he asked me out!" ^_^ Good luck!

If you aks a the best friend of a girl you want to date whether or not she likes you and she says no should you move on or ask the girl who you want to date?

i think either would work but when i asked i got a punch in he crotch:)

How do you get a fourth grade girl to ask a fourth grade boy out?

im a fourth grade girl so i should know i think if someone told me they had a crush on me at the end of the week then on monday asked to go out with me

What does it mean when a girl asks a guy if he wants to jerk?

i think it just means they like you. put it this way they're jealous because you're really pretty. like this boy kept calling me hot and then he said just kidding! and turns out he liked me because he asked me out!! !!

What should i tell my girl friend if she asked me what I am thinking when we're kissing?

her tongue...