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Used to be at the CSA--you could ask there to see if they know to where they dispersed their wonderful psychs.

I found this is an Google search, but know nothing about it:

Maadi Psychology Center 16 Orabi St.
Maadi, Cairo
Tel: 02-23592278, 010-6570691

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Where can you find a psychologist in Cairo Egypt?

check out Psychological and mental health assistance in hurghada

What is the distance between Cairo and Egypt?

There is no distance between Cairo and Egypt. Cairo is the capital city of Egypt

What country has Cairo as its capital city?

The capital city of Egypt is Cairo

Does Cairo Egypt have pyramids?

No, there are no pyramids in Cairo, Egypt.

How far is Egypt from Cairo?

Cairo is in the country (Egypt)

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Is there military base in Cairo Egypt

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desert is the climate zone of Cairo Egypt.

What is the entire population of Cairo Egypt?

In 2010 the population of Cairo, Egypt is 7786640.

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Cairo, Egypt is north of the equator.

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The River Nile flows through Cairo, Egypt.

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Yes, Cairo is the capital and largest city of Egypt.

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Cairo is Located in the Upper part of Egypt.

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Cairo is the main capital in Egypt.

What is in Egypt caracas Cairo or Cardiff?


What country is Cairo Egypt?

in Egypt

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How long is the flight from NYC to Cairo Egypt

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I believe it is approximately 982KM from Aswan to Cairo.

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Cairo is located in the country of Egypt on the continent of Africa.

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It is also known as the cairo tower because it is in cairo, egypt.

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How big is Cairo? big

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The Hilton in Cairo

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