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in some point he might like you or he might be also interest in you because he knows that you like him. but if he smiles at you and always stares, yes, he likes you

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This girl in my class she sometimes stares at me for a while and always says im cool and stuff and asks how i am also we always talk does she like me?

If a girl in your class stares at you for a while, is always saying you're cool and stuff, asks how you are, and you always talks to you is most likely that she likes you.

What does it mean if a guy in your class always stares at you and smiles and when you turn around to talk to your friend you catch him staring at you?

It sounds like he finds you attractive and is interested in him. If you like him, smile back and see where it goes from there.

What does it mean if an ex boyfriend stares at you in class but never smiles at you?

it means he still likes you and he want you back in his life but he is afraid

How do you know if a girl likes you if you are not friends?

Dont ask her- that might seem wierd. If she stares at you in class or in the hallway or blushes and smiles when you look at her then she totally likes you.

What does that mean if a guy sometimes looks or stares at you without expression in class and hallway and etc?

If he "sometimes" looks at you, or stares at you "without expression" it means one of two things: You are obsessed with him, or you are very, very paranoid.

What does that mean if the guy you like always goes near you but only stares at you in a class?

it means he likes you but he's shy and doesn't want to show that he likes you. He only stares at you in class because he thinks nobody notices

If there is a girl in you like in your class how do you know if she likes you back?

what does she do when she is around u? has she seen u staring at her? if so then if she smiles or stares back, or even just turns quickley it probably means she likes u. *boytroublemaker14*

How do you know if a guy want you as his girlfriend?

if he shows signals like. Example 1: looking at you like he loves you more than anything else. Example 2: always wants to be around you. Example 3: if your in a class, then stares at you alot or sometimes.

Does a guy like you if he sits next to you in class and always stares at you and when you look at him he gets really close to your face and starts staring and then smiles to himself?

Yes! Put it this way, if he didn"t like you he wouldn"t even bother doing any staring, smiling or otherwise. He sounds shy. Good luck

What does it mean if a girl always stares at you on class for a semester without smiling?

it could mean she likes u or that she just is looking at something else

What does it mean if a guy who sits next to you in a class always gives you lingering stares?

He's either got a crush on you or he's envious of the clothes you're wearing.

What does it mean when you keep having constant stares in the eyes with a guy in your class but when walking to class he always seems to look behind and if he finds you he stares at you in the eyes?

Well it depends. Do you stare at him first? If so, maybe he's just staring back at you to see what you want. But if he started staring at you before you noticed, he might take in interest in you.

If a guy stares and smiles at you in class but you actually don't know him pretty well does that mean he could possibly like you?

Possibly, yes! Unless, he is just teasing you so that you think that he likes you..... Just a suggestion..... But, 90% would probably be yes. Peace!

Does a girl have any feelings for you if she always stares at you in class and never turns away or smiles however she texts your friend regularly about pointless things just to start a conversation?

Ask her out, you won't know until you try. Plus, it seems like you like her, (atleast, to me), or you wouldn't be on here asking us about this. So go man up, and ask her out (IN PERSON).

How do you know if a lesbian in your class has a crush on you?

If she stares at you an talks to you differently then others

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