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Tropical climate, they live in the Caribbean or Florida. they love to climb. so they climb trees near the ocean. tmp between 70 and 80 F. humidity also between70 and 80%.

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How many sticks should you have in a hermit crab tank?

The best kind of wood to have in a hermit crab habitat is chlora wood, its a pale tan with holes and gaps in it. This resembles the driftwood hermit crabs have in the wild.

What is hermit crab's habitat as pet?

Sand, or fine gravel on the bottom of an aquarium, or a screen cage is ideal. You need to keep the cage temperature at least at 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity level is best a 70%. The habitat for you hermit crab should have a moist warm feel, this will keep the gills of the hermit crab in check. Keep a spray bottle of fresh water handy and periodically spray your hermit crab habitat with it.

What is the best food you can get for a hermit crab?

Try giving it algea sheets. its the food that is available in the natural habitat of hermit crabs

What does a hermit crab grow in to?

a hermit crab

What is a hermit crab mite?

Hermit crab mites are like head lice for crabs. They are small wingless insects that crawl around inside the shells of hermit crabs. And, just like lice, they have nothing to do with how clean or dirty the habitat or crabs are. Mites can hide out in hermit crab toys, bedding and even food.

How do you take care of a Jamaican hermit crab?

If it is a hermit crab, then it is like any other hermit crab, so just take care of it as you would to a regular hermit crab :)

How did the hermit crab gets its name?

It's term 'hermit' is not because it doesn't like other hermit crabs. The hermit crab actually loves being with other hermits. It is called hermit crab because it is only one hermit crab in the shell. It's term 'hermit' is not because it doesn't like other hermit crabs. The hermit crab actually loves being with other hermits. It is called hermit crab because it is only one hermit crab in the shell.

Can a hermit crab live with fish?

if it is a land hermit crab then no,

What is the habitat of a hermit crab?

For land hermit crabs: Tropical or sub-tropical beaches/jungles. For marine hermit crabs: Oceas, seas, tidepools, beaches of all latitudes.

Is a hermit crab a mammal?

"Is a hermit crab a mammal?" No. A hermit crab is not a mammal because it is not warm-blooded. Nor is it a vertebrate because it has no backbone. It is an invertebrate and a crustacean.The Hermit Crab is a decapod crustacean.

How many types of hermit crabs are there?

Birgus latro, coconut crab Ciliopagurus strigatus, Halloween hermit crab Clibanarius tricolor, Blue legged hermit crab Coenobita cavipes Coenobita clypeatus, Caribbean hermit crab Coenobita compressus, Ecuadorian hermit crab Coenobita perlatus, strawberry land hermit crab Coenobita variabilis, Australian land hermit crab Pagurus bernhardus Pagurus pollicaris, flat-clawed hermit crab

What crabs can go with a hermit crab?

I wouldn't recommend putting any crab with a hermit crab

What do you call a shellfish a crab?

A Hermit Crab :) There are many names.. hermit crab, shellfish etc.

How do you give your hermit crab a bath?

spray the hermit crab with water

What is the opposite of hermit crab?

The opposite of a hermit crab is a social butterfly.

How does hermit crab breathe?

A hermit crab breathes by it's Giles

When does a hermit crab molt?

a hermit crab molts when it gets bigger.

How small can a hermit crab get?

a hermit crab can be from 1cm - 17.5cm in length!

What are the families of the hermit crab?

hermit crab family always helps

How do you know if a hermit crab is hungry?

hermit crab will cry for food

What is a hermit crab and what do they eat?

a hermit crab is a type of crab that some people have as a pet hermit crabs eat fruit and hermit crab food that they sell at most pet stores they really like mango's.

What is the natural habitat of a hermit crab?

It depends on the species but most land hermit crabs dwell inland of beach areas where there is lots of leaf litter and trees.

Whats a molting hermit crab?

A molting hermit crab is a period when a hermit crab sheds its exoskelton. From time to time your crab must shed its exoskeleton in order to grow.

Why is the female hermit crab chirping so much?

hermit crabs like to talk alot if you have only one crab and your crab is chirping i recommend you get another hermit crab

Can a frog and a hermit crab live in the same habitat?

No because if a frog live in the same habitat the frog would be pinched all over and it will die