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A knocking sound while your car is moving is probably coming from the engine. A certified mechanic will be able to perform diagnostic testing.

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Q: A knock or clonking sound but stops when you press on the brakes?
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Is that clicking sound a relay fuse when you press on brakes?


Toyota Lexus make a squeaking sound when i press the brakes?

Get it checked out by a Qualified Toyota Lexus mechanic.

Is it safe to drive when brakes make ticking sound?

Get your brakes tested. I do not know what a ticking sound means.

What sound does a brakes make?

There is no sound if they are in good working order.

What does it mean when there is a squeaky sound when you push the brakes?

It means it is time to have your brakes checked.

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Does the engine knock with a bad knock sensor?

NO it will not. If you have a knocking sound then you have trouble inside of the engine.

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2006 civic brakes warning system?

Yes.... the brakes will make a "metallic" sound when the brakes are getting worn.

What causes sound of loose metal and then metal on metal sound by wheels?

Could be your brakes. If you have drum brakes not disk brakes that sound will happen when your shoes are worn down to the rivets. Some of the hardware such as springs, may have came off as well, which will make the loose metal sound.

Why does it sound like air is seeping out when I press my brake pedal on my 1997 Chevy Tahoe.?

The power brakes on most vehicles operate on the engine vacuum. If there is a leak or problems with the power brakes it can make a hissing sound. But then, sometimes power brakes do that when they're working properly. It could be from either a hole in the diaphragm of the brake booster or normal operation. If the sound is new, and was not there before, and your brake pedal is going to the floor, then you should have the power booster replaced.

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