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Starch, I think, because iodine solution is the test for starch.

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Q: A leaf was taken from a plant boiled with ethanol and tested with iodine solution what is it tested for?
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Test for starch with the solution?

Starch is tested with the solution called Iodine. If starch is present when Iodine is dropped in, the solution will turn a brown, black color.

Would the iodine solution change colour when it is tested on a slice of bread?


Why does the solution turn black in the iodine test?

because there is starch in the food you tested

What colour does a potato change if it was tested with iodine solution?

due to the presence of starch.

How iodine and Benedict's solution tested for starch and glucose?

Bendedict's solution is a blue solution, when glucose is present, a brick-red precipitate is formed. If starch is present, the iodine solution will turn from yellowish-brom to blueish-black.

What is the answer A leaf was tested for starch the iodine solution stayed orange what does that tell you about the leaf?

the iodine stayed orange because the starch wasn't present

When a certain sugar is tested with an iodine solution can you tell what type it is?

It depends if it is starch, yes. Other sugar, NO!

Why isn't starch present when colour is light brown?

The Iodine test uses Iodine solution, which is usually a brown colour. It is used to test for the presence of Starch. Iodine solution, iodine dissolved in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide, reacts with starch producing a blue black color. If the sample being tested doesn't turn blue-black, then starch isn't present.

What is one difference between glycogen and starch?

1. Starch is used by plants.....and glycogen is animal food.... 2. Starch gives blue colour on testing with iodine solution. and glycogen gives red colour when tested wiht iodine solution. Thank you

Why did a solution of saliva and oats test positive with benedict's test and iodine test if the oats alone tested positive only in the iodine test and the saliva alone was negative for both?

polysaccharides and simple sugar

What substance is used to test for starch?

The presence of starch can be tested with the help of Iodine. Similarly Benedict's test solution is also used to detect the presence of starch.

Is sucrose soluble in ethanol?

no, because during a lab in science class, we tested it and part of it dissolved in the ethanol.

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