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There were 25 episodes of Father Ted in total. They are listed below:
Series 1: (6 episodes, Aired between 21 April 1995 - 26 May 1995)
(1)'Good luck Father Ted', (2)'Entertaining Father Stone', (3)'The passion of Saint Tibulus', (4)'Competition Time', (5)'And God created woman' and (6)'Grant unto him eternal rest'.
Series 2: (10 Episodes, Aired between 8 March 1996 - 10 May 1996)
(1)'Hell', (2)'Think fast, Father Ted', (3)'Tentacles of doom', (4)'The old Grey whistle theft', (5) 'Song for Europe', (6)'The Plague', (7) 'Rock-a-hula Ted', (8)'Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading', (9)'New Jack City'
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What type of animal was Chris in Father Ted?

In Father Ted, (episode: Chirpy Burpy Cheap Sheep) Chris was a sheep owned by Fargo Boyle. He competed and was previous champion of the 'King of the Sheep Competition'.

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On which island was Father Ted filmed?

Location shooting for Father Ted was done mostly in County Clare , including locations at Ennis , Kilfenora , Ennistymon , and Kilnaboy. The Parochial House is McCormack's at Glenquin, on the Boston road from Kilnaboy. The cinema featured in " The Passion Of St Tibulus " was The Cinema by the ( Full Answer )

How did father ted die?

The actor that played Father Ted was Dermot Morgan. Dermot Morgandied of a heart attack in 1998.

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Where is Craggy Island located from the TV show Father Ted?

Ireland. However, there are several "Craggy Islands" off the west coast of Ireland. Much like how we do not know what state or which Springfield the Simpsons live in, we do not know which Craggy Island Fathers Ted Crilly, Dougal McGuire and Jack Hackett reside.

When did Father Ted die?

the actor Dermot Morgan who played father ted died march 1998 shortly before the third and final series of father ted was to air on channel 4.dermot and the series writers had already decided that the third series was to be the last and it turned out to be the best series of all three.dermots death ( Full Answer )

How do you dress up as Father Ted?

You would just dress up as a priest. A black trousers and blackshirt would do. You could use a piece of white cardboard under thefront of your collar to make you look like a priest.

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When will Father Ted air in 2009?

Father Ted will not air any new episodes. The show ran on Channel Four from 22 April 1995 until 1 May 1998. Currently, there are repeats on RTE TWO each Monday night at 9:00pm.

When was Father Ted aired on TV?

Father Ted was first aired on Channel Four on 22nd April 1995, running until 1st May 1998. But there are repeats of episodes of the show on RTE 2.

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Why was Father Ted cancelled?

Because Dermot Morgan the actor who played Ted died of a heart attack in 1998 and also he decided to quit after the third season.

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Yes, twice for certain, maybe three times. Season 2|Episode 12 The Way We Was (verified appearance) Season 4|Episode 5 Treehouse of Horror III Season 6|Episode 11 Fear of Flying (verified appearance)

Who is the best father ted character?

There is no real answer to that. Each person would have their ownfavourites. All of the actors were good and played their charactersvery well.

Is father jack from father ted dead?

Frank Kelly, who played Father Jack, is still alive. As of today, 28th July 2012, he is 73 years old. In one episode, it was believed Father Jack had died due to drinking a bottle of floor polish. However it merely gave him the symptoms of being dead, and had worn off.

Is Father Ted suitable for children?

Most of the humour is suitable for children. A lot of it isslapstick and silly humour which children would enjoy.. Some of thehumour would be very subtle and children might not understand itlike adults would.

Where did they film father ted?

Most of the filming was done in county Clare in Ireland. Some of itwas made in different parts of county Dublin. Other parts were madein the ITV studios in London.

What age was Pauline McGlynn in Father Ted?

Although the character she played, Mrs. Doyle, was an old woman,Pauline McGlynn was only in her 30s. She was 31 when it started and35 when it finished.

When was the last episode of father ted made?

The last episode was made in 1998. The actor that played Fr. Ted,Dermot Morgan, died of a heart attack shortly after that and nofurther episodes were made. The last episode was made in 1998. The actor that played Fr. Ted,Dermot Morgan, died of a heart attack shortly after that and nofurther episode ( Full Answer )

Who played mrs.Doyle in Father Ted?

Pauline McGlynn played Mrs. Doyle. She is a well known Irishactress. While Mrs. Doyle is an old woman, Pauline McGlynn was ayoung actress at the time, only her 30s.

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