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Commonly known as a flop or lob shot.

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What is the difference between a pitch and chip in golf?

A chip is usually a short distance shot using any lofted club with a putter stroke- like motion. The ball should not go to high, and have a lot more roll than carry. A pitch however usually uses a high lofted club with about a half swing, the ball is meant to get high in the air, with the hope that it stops quickly.

What is the golf term for a swing and a miss?

An air shot. It counts as one shot.

What is a banana golf ball?

A "banana ball" in golf is an uncontrollable slice. A slice is a shot that curves in the air hard from left to right (for right-handers). It is common among beginners and high-handicap players.

What is another name for an air shot in golf?

A whiff. No other name for it really.

What is a mishit golf shot called?

A common form of minshit is the slice. This involves hitting the ground with the club before the ball. This causes the ball to fly high up into the air.

Can planes get shot down easily?

If they are in the air so the answer is no, because if planes fly at high altitude and at high speed. It makes it alot difficult to get planes shot down.

When was Benin Golf Air created?

Benin Golf Air was created in 2002.

When should heading be used in soccer?

At any point where kicking is not suitable or possible for situation eg. Ball in air, defending a high lofted ball, shooting from a high cross, performing a diving header if ball too far ahead of player to stretch a leg to.

How not to blade a golf shot?

Try and focus on staying down on the ball, almost imagine you are hitting the ball into the ground, this will compress it and help get the ball in the air.

What is the force on a golf ball when hit?

if the golf ball is hit into the air, the forces on the golf ball are pushing (when the golf ball is hit) and air resistance (when it is flying through the air). when the ball hits the ground and starts to roll, the only force acting on it is friction.

What makes a golf ball bounce?

AnswerIt has to do with the material a golf ball is made out of. It is a extremely strong material. A golf ball needs to bounce high to be able to get hit by a golf club and fly through the air and hit the ground and bounce. Due to that information a golf ball will bounce highest compared to almost ANY other balls. A golf ball is the winner of bouncing the highest.

If you want to get a golf ballup in the air for a high shot do you move the ball forward or backward in your stance?

If you want to hit the ball much higher into the air to get the ball over a tree or stop quicker on the green you will need to move the ball forward in your stance, but when you do so you will need to adjust the bottom of your arc, as if you do not you will either chunk it or thin it, which you don't want.

When was I Shot an Arrow into the Air created?

I Shot an Arrow into the Air was created on 1960-01-15.

What do golf players yell when the golf ball is in the air?

Fore, it they think it will hit someone.

Why is cricket ball got more force than a golf ball?

Becasue it has air in it and golf balls have parts of pig brain in it and not air..

What assonance found in this phase you shot an arrow into the air?

the 'aw' and 'ow' sounds in shot an arrow air.

What can a tornado do to a forest?

A tornado can potentially snap or uproot hundres or even thousands of trees. In strong tornado large swaths may be deforested with some trees lofted into the air.

Why exactly is a golf ball grooved?

Golf balls have grooves so that when they are hit into the air they travel farther than smooth balls. The air runs into the grooves and out the curve.

Can the sheridan C9A air rifle shoot small animanls with a high kill ratio?

Yes a C9a can be used to kill small game. The kill ratio is up to you and how good a shot you are. The best shot is a head shot with hunting pellets for a quick kill.

Will a bowling ball or a golf ball hit the ground first from two rooms high?

If air resistance can be ignored (and it probably can from 2 rooms high) then both the bowling ball and golf ball will hit the floor at the same time. Although the bowling ball is harder to get moving than than the golf ball (it has more mass), the bowling ball also has a greater force pulling it down than the golf ball (as measured by its weight). The result is that both objects have the same acceleration.

Does the air pressure in the ball affect a basketball shot?

The air pressure in the ball can affect a shot, but rarely and very little. Only if the ball is very flat can you notice a big change in the shot.

Who did Aaron Burr kill in 1804?

Alexander hamilton he killed him in a duel Alexander shot in the air and aaron burr killed to a shot in the chest. since Alexander shot in the air it was counted as a murder

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