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Q: A machine in a soft drink bottling facory caps 3 bottles per second How many bottles can it cap in 15 hours?
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Is the First Generation Language machine dependent?

Yes. Both first and second generation languages are machine-dependent. The first generation of languages were machine code, while the second were assembly languages. Non-machine dependency came about with the advent of the third-generation of languages, all the high-level languages.

What are example of second generation programming language?

Machine code is first generation. Low-level, machine-dependent, symbolic languages such as assembly language are second generation. All high-level, machine-independent languages are third generation. Fourth and fifth generation don't actually have any meaning since there is no "standard" to define these terms, although they are often used to classify specific types of third-generation languages.

Which is the simple machine that provides the mechanical advantage of 1 the screw second class lever single fixed pulley or single movable pulley?

Single Pulley

How do you troubleshoot a offset printing machine?

I purchased a second hand 2 color offset machine. The problem with the machine is though the condition of all the rollers is good there is an improper transfer of ink. what is the reason for improper transfer of ink from ductor roller to the first inking roller of the ink train? dear, first you check the impression setting between duct roller and first feed roller through 1 mm. thick film srtip. now the question is how you will do this? this setting is depend on type of the machine e.g. orient and manugraph. the general procedure is to set the impression that you adjust the cam or bolt both side of first inking roller. second is check the first impression roller condition.

What is the ideal mechanical advantage of a machine that changes only the direction of the input force?

There are three types of levers namely first, second and third class. First class levers can change the direction of input force.

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Were do you find sodium clohride in monster carnival?

You go to the apothecary on main street. Go to the man there and he will ask you to get salt for him. On the second floor there are a bunch of bottles. click them untill you find the right one and then go to the machine on the left. You have to seperate the molocules and attach the pair that is shown on the right. Then it will give you the salt. You take it to the man and then you ask him to use his machine again. You get the 2 bottles above the machine and conect the blue molocules to get the sugar.

A conveyor belt carries filled bottles of milk to be packed The bottles are placed five feet apart on the belt If the belt is moving at a rate of two feet per second how many bottles will be packed?

24 bottles

What methods are used to age brandy?

Aging brandy has only two methods to it. The first method is bottling the brandy then corking it and letting it age without adding any extra compounds. The second method is bottling brandy then adding small amounts of preservatives, after that you would cork the bottle and let it age.

What was the second counting machine?


What is the accented syllable for machine?

The pronunciation of machine is /mu-SHEEN/ (/məˈʃin/ in IPA) with an accent on the second syllable.

What is in vinegar oil bottles?

Vinegar oil bottles come two types. One comes with two bottles, one is oil and one is vinegar. The second type is the combined mixture of oil and vinegar which is used for gourmet cooking.

In a compound machine made up of two simple machines how is the work output of the first simple machine related to the work input of the second simple machine?

The work ouput of the second machine will usually be more than the work input of the first machine.

If some bottles are placed five feet apart on a belt and if the belt is moving at a rate of two feet per second how many bottles will be packed in one hour?


How long do water bottles need to weather?

Water bottles need approximately 700 years to weather if they are put in a landfill instead of being recycled. Around 1,500 water bottles are put in a landfill every second and only 79 get recycled.

How many bottles of water sold in a year?

The US consumes about 50 million bottles of water each year. That is about 1500 bottles of water each second.

A million machine cycles per second is?


Where can I buy a second hand elliptical machine?

You can buy a second hand elliptical machine at the following sites or or at this site