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Q: A modern war called for the mobilization of all economic resources?
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A modern war called for the mobilization of all economic resources true or false?

A modern war called for the mobilization of all economic resourcestrue

Which war revealed to the US that it was unprepared for modern war mobilization?

World War 1

The economic dichotomy that occurs in countries where a modern commercial economy overlies a subsistence economy is called?


Why economic growth is desirable for modern open economies?

Why economic growth is desirable for modern open economies

What has the author W I Siriweera written?

W. I. Siriweera has written: 'Hunter's dilemma' 'Water resources and buffalo and cattle rearing in Sri Lanka' 'A study of the economic history of pre-modern Sri Lanka' -- subject(s): Economic conditions

What type of economic system is typical for the modern world and why?

The giant feedback economic system is typical for the modern world because of the ever changing dynamics.

What are some economics problem?

Economic problems relate to production of goods and services for consumptions with the scarcity of resources and the choices with the allocation of the available resources for production.The modern theory looks into the problem of level of income and employment,investment,savings,production and consumption including exports.

What represents earths modern commons?

Shared Natural Resources

What are the major characteristics of Indian economy as a developing economy?

Indian economy is an under developed economy in which Agriculture is the back bone of Indian economic. 60% of India's population are on the below poverty line. Mineral resources are not fully utilized. We are selling iron ore by trucks and getting blades by packets. Majority of the people of India are leading a poverty line. Indian economic is affected by it. Countries which are on the part of progress and which have their potential for development are called developing economic. So India is termed as developing economic by modern views.: NIKHIL :

What is the relationship between modernization and economic growth?

Modernization is defined by making something modern. "Modern" is characterized by industrialization (developed countries) and a big market, which leads to economic growth. These days, we are getting very savvy with technology and we have progressed into the "Digital Age" or era where there is a global competition to produce the newer, faster, technology. The consumption rate of such developed countries is incredibly high. In fact, the world's developed or "modern" nations take up 70-80% of the world's resources. Resource use is needed to keep production up, and consequently, economic growth. As newer countries attempt to make the transition between "undeveloped" to "modern" they must use more resources to create economic growth. By putting more hot ticket sell items on the market, and having buyers, helps the economy.

What has the author Mohammad Shabbir Khan written?

Mohammad Shabbir Khan has written: 'India's economic development and international economic relations' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Economic development, International economic relations 'Modern industrial economy' -- subject(s): Economic policy, Socialism, Capitalism 'Jawaharlal Nehru, the founder of modern India' -- subject(s): Economic policy

When did modern economic growth begin?

with the Industrial Revolution

What are the natural resources that Italy depends on for modern lifestyle?

Italy needs it people for its modern lifestyle.

Social and economic life until 1857?

By modern standards,

When and where did Modern economic growth begin?

In Netherland- 17th Centuraty

How have the modern farming methods overused the natural resources?


What is modern about modern drama?

its called modern so it is

Examples show Karl Marx's concept of economic determinism?

Capitalism, modern democracies and the modern legal system.

What is the modern version of these cells called?

The modern version of these cells is called a virus.

What is the modern form of the metric system?

what is the modern form of the metric system called what is the modern form of the metric system called

Which type of economic activity has grown more important in modern economies in recent years?

Tertiary economic activity has grown more important in recent years. Tertiary economic activity is the economic activity of the service sector.

The person who is called the father of modern Italy?

The person who is called the father of modern Italy?

What is the language of Shakespeare called?

The language of Shakespeare is called Early Modern English (sometimes referred to only as Modern English).

Is Islamic Economics an economic system?

YES. Shari'a Compliant Economics, also called Islamic Economics, is an economic model that has a number of specific requirements for risk allocation, use of percentage stakes of a company instead of loans, and an apparent higher ethical standard in deals. The inability to use interest in the economic model makes Shari'a Compliant Economics fundamentally distinct from all other modern economic systems (capitalism, planned markets, socialism, and communism) and its use of modern financial transactions and currency make it distinct from most forms of traditional or barter economic systems.

What has the author Edmund Seddon written?

Edmund Seddon has written: 'Modern economic history' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Outlines, syllabi