A molecule with a polar head and two non polar tails?


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LIPIDS are the biomolecule which has polar head and non polar tail


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That is a phospholipid and they are used for myelin coatings in the brain and for cell membranes.

The head of the phospholipids are polar and the tails are non polar

The non-polar region of a phospholipid are the two fatty acid tails.

lipids are aliphatic, the lipid head in hydrphillic the carbon tails are hydrophobic. lipids contain both polar and non-polar qualities, head is polar the lipid tails are non-polar

head is polar and tail is non polar

No - it is the exact opposite. The head (phosphate group) is polar and hydrophilic (water loving). The lipid tails are hydrophobic (non-polar).

oil is non polar molecule

yes it is a non polar molecule

Soap is similar to a phospholipid (of a eukaryatic cell) with a polar head and two nonpolar tails

the two fatty acid tails of the phospholipids are nonpolar, whereas the head is polar

The polar (hydrophilic) head is a result of the phosphate group, which happens to be polar. The non-polar (hydrophobic) tails are the fatty acid chains.

yes, a non polar molecule can have a polar bond, as long as it has another opposite polar bond to counter the first.

A on polar molecule is when there is an equal sharing of electrons between the two atoms of a diatomic molecule. There is a symmetrical arrangement of polar bonds on a non polar molecule.

Krypton Is a non-polar molecule.

Yes, it is a non polar molecule.

A phospholipid molecule has a non-polar water-insoluble head attached to a longer polar soluble tail.

No, ether is a non polar molecule.

O2 is non polar molecule .

the molecule is non-polar the CH bonds are also non-polar

A non-polar molecule is a molecule whose electric or polar forces cancel each other out. Non-polar molecules tend to be hydrophobic or water-hating.

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