Animal Jam

A non virus game is animal jam Play it is free?


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it has no viruses i have been playing since beta

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no it is not it is just a fun game you play for free it does not have VIRUS FREE ok

Learn grammar. Do you mean 1- Is free game maker a virus or 2-Where can you get a virus free game maker or 3-Where can you get a free game maker with viruses. -Answers- 1-No its not 2-Yoyo games website 3-Why would you want a virus?

no, it is not, it is a very fun game, and nothing will happen to your computer when you play it.

Yes the Desktop Destroyer Game is absolutely virusfree. You can check it with any anti-virus software and you will see. I have it and play it with no problems. Anti-vir did not spot anything. It is old game but no viruses!In resources below you can find the download website for Desktop Destroyer Game.

Wikianswers isn't a game, but it is 100% virus free.

LOTRO is virus-free, and a great game as well.

No, Habbo hotel will not give you a virus, it runs on flashwave which also doesnt give you a virus to play and it is an awesome free game but you have to download adobe flashwave which doesn't give you a virus!

No, there isn't a website to play animal crossing. Animal Crossing is a paid-for game, not a game that you play online for free. Nintendo would lose too much money, so it is a paid-for game, and it's too popular not to be sold at stores.

It's a authorized EA game so yes its virus free

Animal jam is a fun online game with out a virus.

It dosen't have a virus, Your anti-virus thinks it is a virus because It changes your game.

Animal Jam is an extremely safe game, that has no downloads or viruses. Rest assured that you will not get any type of virus by playing Animal Jam.

Erm it does have virus because when i had it my computer broke because the game has virus it is a good good game but it has so many virus thats why i wasnt allowed to play on superbia any more so play games that dont have virus

It is hard to get full version free game, and those free game download website might contain virus, which is a nightmare.

the original game: yes some dodgy mods: no

YoVille is a free-to-play game.

First you have to purchase the game but after that it is free to play.

can i play the i phone game scoops online free?

Sometimes, if it is a big popular game, you can play it with virus free worries. But, if you download games from minor sites, or random sites, you can get virus. Computer games can eat up a lot of data space as well, but if it works successfully it is time consuming, yet fun!

Combat Arms is a virus free game it safe haha hit me up if you wanna play or have questions IGN: avrokiller[USA] (more than likely) West coast Black Market CH 1/2 or Bravo CH 1-4

Considering that the ps3 is a free online gaming community, then yes it is a free to play game. Of course there is the initial fee for buying the game, but the gameplay is free.

No. I can assure you that does NOT give your pc a virus. i always play that game and my computer never had a virus.

No, Wolf Quest is a safe and free game.

Normally Second Life is virus free but there have been cases of viruses with the game.

"If you play Minecraft on "In Browser" mode on or if you Download from you will not get a virus! If you Play/Download the game from anywhere else there is a 99.9% chance you WILL get a virus and a 0.1% chance you won't get a virus!

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