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A person's sir name that starts with the letter B?

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a persons surname that begis with b is : boulden ball boswing

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When writing a letter to non spacific persons how do you address men and women?

Sir or ma'am Sir or ma'am

If you write a letter and don't know the person what do you put at the end?

If you begin the letter with 'Dear Sir or Dear Madam', the letter should end 'Yours Faithfully'. If you start a letter with the persons name it should end 'Yours Sincerely'

What is a 3 letter name for a knight?


What is the first word in the dictionary that starts with sir?

The first word in the dictionary that starts with the letters sir is the word "sir".

When do you use 'sir'?

In a official letter If u write a letter to an officer by Designation If the letter is addressed to the head of a institution where the name is not known if he /she is not a friend

What were the names of famous people in the Revolutionary War that starts with the letter C?

· Carleton, Sir Guy (British General)

How do you write a complaint letter to police on lost something?

A letter of complaint is a formal letter and should be written in the "business letter style". Address it to the head of whichever department is applicable. The letter always starts with "Dear Sir/Madam" and ends with "Yours Sincerely" or "Yours Faithfully" and your name and signature.

Sample format of letter?

A social letter:Dear Mr Bloggs,- - - -- - - -Your sincerely,Your nameA business letter:Dear Sir,- - - -- - - -Yours faithfully,Your name

What scientists last name starts with N?

Sir Issac Newton.Alfred Nobel.Thomas Newcomen.

Who has a name in history that starts with the letter I?

Judas of Iscariot. Ivan the Terrible. Idi Amin. Imelda Marcos. Ivanna Trump. Pope Innocente. Sir Isaac Newton. Indian Jones (Just kidding)

What is a title of a famous person from the sea that starts with the letter R?

Sir Walter Raleigh James Clark Ross Hyman Rickover

What is the name of Sir Churchill?

Sir Churchill's name is Sir Churchill

Did Sir Francis Drake have kids if so how many?

Drake had no children- however, there is a fraud scheme that attempts to convince persons with the last name Drake that they are related to Sir Francis, and have an inheritance coming to them. Scam.

A famous person whose first name begins with the letter I?

Sir Isaac Newton.

How do you address the former president in a letter to him?

With his present position, not as ex-president (or) with his name (or) as sir

A three letter word used to address a man whose name you do not know?


What is a book title that starts with the letter I?

· (The) Innocent Man by John Grisham · Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer · Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

Who is a British sea pirate with a nine letter name with the third letter is v fifth letter is n and eighth letter is s?

Sir Thomas Cavendish

Where do you put the RE in a letter?

Between the name and address of the recipient and the "Dear Sir" or Dear Mary"

If a letter starts with Dear Sir what should it be signed off as?

Yours faithfully is used if the letter is addressed Dear Sir or Dear Madam (never Dear Sir/Madam unless you want to look like junk mail). Yours sincerely is used if the letter is addressed Dear Mr Smith (or Mrs Smith). See: for all the details you will ever need on this subject.

What is the proper format for a business letter?

A proper business letter follows a certain format. First should be the persons return address. Under that, the date the letter is being written. The letter should then be addressed to Mr. Sir. Madam. Mrs. Ms. Miss. or whomever. After writing your letter, then enclose it with your signiture.

How do you address the president in a letter to him?

'Sir' or 'Mr. President' for a start, then 'sir' after that.

What is sir Alan sugar's full name?

Sir Alan Sugar's full name is Sir Alan Michael Sugar

What is Sir Edmund Hillirys full name?

Sir Edmund Hillary's full name was Sir Edmund Percival Hillary.

How did Sir Edmund Hillary climb Mt Everest?

Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were the first persons to climb Mt. Everest.