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A shape with four sizes is called a quadrilateral.

As none of them are the same size, it can simply be called an irregular quadrilateral.

If we knew more information about the shape, we could possibly categorize it further. For example, if it had a pair of parallel sides, it could be a trapezium.

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Polygon with 4 sides no two of which need to be the same sides?

"...need to be the same SIZE?" Quadrilateral (including trapezium).

A polygon with four sides no two of which need to be the same size?

An isosceles trapezoid has 2 sides that are the same length.

A polygon with 4 sides are the same size?


What is the perimeter of a 6 sided polygon?

it depends on the size of the polygon. you have provided no information as to the size of the sides. if it is a regular polygon (all the sides the same length) multiply one side by 6 - the same as adding up al 6 sides

Are all the sides to a pentagon the same size?

Yes,all of the sides of a polygon are the same shape.

What is a polygon with 4 sides none of which are the same size?

A quadrilateral

What is the difference between a regular polygon and a irregular polygon?

'Regular' means that all the sides on the polygon are the same length and all angles are the same size. On an irregular polygon, the sides can be different lengths and angles can be different sizes.

A polygon with 4 sides none of which are the same size?

It is a general polygon. Unlike with triangles, there is no special name for such a shape.

A polygon with 4 right angles and 4 sides of the same size?

A square.

What is a polygon with 4 sides no two of which need to be the same size?

Quadrangle is the word used to denote a figure with four sides, regardless of the lengths or angles that make it up.

How do you tell if a polygon is a regular polygon?

A regular polygon is one that has all congruent sides ANDall equal inside angles.A rhombus doesn't qualify. All of its sides are the same length, but it's anglesare not all the same size.

Is a small pentagon a regular polygon?

Yes if each of its 5 sides are the same size

What is the difference between a reaglur polygon and a polygon?

A regular polygon: a polygon with all the same size sides and angles. A polygon: can be different. EX: isosceles triangle. Hope this helps(: ~MICHIGAN NATIVE(:

What is a regular n sided polygon?

It is a polygon (a shape with more than 3 sides) where all of it's lengths are the same, and all of its angles are the same size.

What is the highest polygon?

The polygon with the most sides is the 101-gon or the infi-gon.๐Ÿคฃ

What is a polygon with 4 sides but none of the sides are the same size?

idk i know thers isosceles and equalateral but the other one used to be on the tip of my tongue

What are the properties of polygon?

A polygon is a closed plane figure that is bounded by straight sides. There may be three or more sides - up to any number. The sides can be the same size or different. It must have the same number of sides as vertices. The angles may be the same or different. The sum of the exterior angles is 2*pi radians. The sum of the interior angles of a polygon with n sides is (n-2)*pi radians.1 radian = 180 degrees.

Polygon with four sides none are the same size?

I believe you are looking for the word quadrilateral.

What is an equilateral?

An equilateral is a polygon whose sides are all of equal length, most commonly used to refer to an equilateral triangle.

What is a quadrilateral with all the sides the same size?

You would be talking about an equilateral quadrilateral which is the rhombus (four sided polygon with sides of equal length). This also includes the square.

Do isosceles triangle have to sides the same length?

Only two of the three sides need to be the same size in an isosceles triangle.

Is it possible for the interior angle of a regular polygon to be 154?

No. The sum of the exterior angles of a polygon sum to 360o For a regular polygon, they are all the same size ⇒ dividing 360o by the exterior angle gives the number of sides. Interior angle = 154o ⇒ exterior angle = 180o - 154o = 26o ⇒ number of sides = 360o ÷ 26o = 1311/13 sides But a polygon must have a whole number of sides ⇒ 154o cannot be the interior angle of a regular polygon.

What are the attributes of a pyramid?

A pyramid has a based that is a polygon such as a triangle or rectangle. The other sides of a pyramid consist of triangles, which are usually the same size.

A polygram with 4 sides no 2 need to be the same size?


What is a polygon that has the same shape and size?

Congruent Polygons are the same shape and size.

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