A region based on common properties such as population is called a what?

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formal region
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Properties of acid-base indicators?

1.exist in different colours in either the acid or the base 2.they have pka corresponding the acid or base being titrated 3.they weak acids or bases

Which countries are included in the region called sub-saharan Africa and what are those countries populations?

Table 3 - Member Countries of Sub-Saharan Africa and Their Regional Groupings . 1. Eastern Africa subregion:. - Comoros - Djibouti - Ethiopia - Kenya - Seychelles - Somalia - Sudan - Tanzania - Uganda. 2. Western Africa subregion:. - Benin - Chad* - Gambia* - Ghana - Guin ( Full Answer )

What are the properties of bases?

Bases taste bitter, feel slippery, can be caustic and turn red litmus paper blue. - Basic solutions have a PH higher than 7 - Aqueous solutions or molten bases dissociate in ions and conduct electricity.

What are the properties of acids and bases?

Acids: Many acids are corrosive , meaning they destroy body tissue and clothing, and many are also poisonous. Acids react with some metals to produce hydrogen gas. Solutions of acids conduct an electric current because acids break apart to form inos in water. Bases: Like acids, many bases ( Full Answer )

What are five properties of acids and bases?

The properties of acids and bases are: Acids : Sour, corrosive to metals and skin, PH of 7, turns blue litmus paper red, contains hydrogen (H+ ions), reacts with bases to form water and a salt Bases : Bitter, slippery or soapy, PH of >7 and a POH of

What is a common base?

There are several common bases. The most common is Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH. 1. Baking Soda and Ammonia

What are the properties of a strong base?

A strong inorganic base dissociates completely and gives hydroxide ions (OH - ions). There are organic compounds that act as strong Lewis bases and they generally have nitrogen donor atoms

What are the properties of a base?

Strong bases taste bitter, feel slippery, can be caustic and turn red litmus paper blue. Weak bases may have other properties, like ammonia (pungent) or cyanide (toxic, almond taste) - Basic solutions have a pH higher than 7 - Aqueous solutions or molten bases dissociate in ions and conduct e ( Full Answer )

What are ten properties of bases?

have a pH > 7 release OH - ions turn litmus paper blue feels 'slippery' (soap is a base) corrosive reacts with acid to form salt and water often used in cleaning products taste bitter

5 properties of bases?

The first of five properties of bases in chemistry is a soapy orslippery feeling on your fingers. The second property is that itwill react violently with an acidic substance. A third property isthat a base will conduct electricity. A fourth property is the pHlevel is higher than 7. A fifth property ( Full Answer )

Find properties of bases?

They have a bitter taste and they feel soapy. Bases are good conductors in solution, especially the stronger bases. Bases: -turn red litmus blue -turn universal indicator blue/purple -turn methyl orange yellow -turn phenolphthalein pink They also produce OH- in solution. Acid+ Bas ( Full Answer )

What are properties of bases?

Taste bitter . feel slippery or soapy . react with oils and grease . cause certain organic dyes to change color . react with acids to form salts and water

What are 4 properties of a base?

Bases are substances that will restore the blue color of litmusafter it has been exposed to an acid. They are electricalconductors and neutralize acids. Bases also feel slippery, becausethey neutralize the fatty acids of the skin, reducing friction.

What are the properties of base?

Bases are bitter tasting, slippery to the touch, caustic, electrolytic, and contain the OH- ion (that's hydroxide.) They react readily with acids to produce water and a salt.

What are 5 properties of bases?

Honestly that depends on which definition of "Base" you are using. There are three accepted kinds. Arrhenius, Bronsted-Lowry, and Lewis. An Arrhenius Base is any substance that when added to water increases the number of OH- particles. A Lewis Base is any chemical that donates a pair of electrons ( Full Answer )

What are the three properties of bases?

Strong bases have three main properties. They taste bitter, feelslippery, and turn litmus paper blue. Weak bases have otherproperties.

List 5 properties of bases?

Bases taste bitter, turn red litmus paper blue and have a pHgreater than 7. They feel soapy or slippery, neutralize acids andthey conduct electricity.

Can a property deed be protested based on a will?

No. If an owner conveyed property prior to their death then the property cannot become part of their estate. You can only give what you own. The property is gone and someone else owns it.

What properties is common to both acids and bases?

Acids and bases are similar, wherein when they are dissolved inwater, they make ions. Another property is that the stronger theacid or base, the more ions are produced, so the conductivity ofthe solution increases.

How do the properties of an acid differ from the properties of a base?

Acids are the exact opposite of bases. If bases are pH above 7, Acids will be pH below 7. That's because these substances are different from each other, they react in the exact opposite way, because acid is hydrogen ion and base is hydroxide ion. Hope this helped you :).

What are four properties of acids of a bases?

acids: tastes sour reacts with metals and carbonates turns blue litmus red nuetralizes bases releases hydrogen ions in water bases: tastes bitter feels slippery turns red litmus blue neutralizes acids releases hydroxide ions in water

Properties of acids and bases?

One has fraps, the other one doesn't.One has a smelly odour,the other has very funny black yams and one doesnt't dissolve in water BY: Subomi fa Georgewill

Why base region is small in transistor?

because in base region if we improve density of extra material There is more recombination of charge carriers so the current we want,collector current, is very much smaller. This is a big dis advantage.

Properties of a base?

Able to accept protons (H + ) . neutralise acid . giving higher pH values

What are political regions based on?

they are based on what they are run buy and if they have a leader and if there are certrain rules i think. someone please coment on this and tell me if im right or completely rong plz, id like to kno if im a dum blonde ;)

What are the properties of square based pyramid?

1. Base is a square 2. The apex is usually directly above the centre of the square (ie if you drop a perpendicular from the base of the square passing through the apex, it hits the square in the middle)

List three properties of a base?

1. Bases are bitter in taste. 2.Solution of bases are soapy to touch. 3.Bases may or may not be soluble in water .

What is the local property tax based on?

In the United States and Canada the local property tax is based on the estimated value of the property being assessed. It is often called an "ad valorem tax", which is a Latin term meaning according to value. Local assessors are charged the responsibility of inventorying and estimating the value of ( Full Answer )

How to write a class called decimalHexOctalBinary that has four properties mainly decimalUnsignedInt base 10 hexadecimalUnsignedInt base 16 octal UnsignedInt base 8 and and binaryUnsigned Intbase 8?

include #include using namespace std; class Decimal { public: Decimal():m_dec(0){} Decimal(int i):m_dec(i){} Decimal & operator=(const int i){m_dec=i;return(*this);} string conv(int base) const; private: int m_dec; }; string Decimal::conv(int base) const { if(m_dec==0) return("0"); int decim ( Full Answer )

What properties does a octagon-based pyramid have?

An octagonal base, 8 triangular faces making 9 faces in all. 8 vertices in the plane of the base, 1 vertex (the apex) in a plane above (or below), making 9 vertices in all. 8 edges in the plane of the base and 8 more meeting at the apex making 16 edges in all.

What is the properties of square based pyramid?

It is a polyhedron. It has one square face. It has four triangular faces. It has five vertices. It has eight edges. It is a polyhedron. It has one square face. It has four triangular faces. It has five vertices. It has eight edges. It is a polyhedron. It has one square face. It has four triangu ( Full Answer )

Where is the company NNN Properties based?

NNN Properties is also known as Triple Net Properties. There is no such company named NNN Properties because NNN simply means Net, Net, Net where the tenant pays all real estate taxes, maintenance of the building and building insurance aside from paying the utilities like electricity, water and garb ( Full Answer )