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It is a polytheistic religion. If a religion believes in one God, they are monotheistic. (Christianity, Islam, Judaism are monotheistic)

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Q: A religion that believes inany gods is what type of religion?
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A religion that believes in many gods is what type of religion?


What type of religion did the roman empire have?

The Romans had a pantheistic type of religion. They worshiped and tolerated a wide variety of gods and cults.

The members of which type of religion worship many gods?

Hinduism is a common polytheistic religion.

What type of religion did the Mayan had?

They didn't have a certain type but they believe d in multiple gods

What religions are there that can you be?

There are many, many religions. Here is a list of some of them....... 1. Christian: Believes in god, goes to church to praise. Prays 2. Catholic: A different type of christian, believes Mary is more holy than God. 3. Muslim: Believes in all different Gods. 4. I don't know what it is called but it's in the Native culture: Praises statues and totems, believes of gods in the sky called "The Elders" I'm christian and i BELIEVE in god. But actually every religion is a type of christian.

What type of religion did Mesopotamians practice?

Polytheistic, believed in many gods.

What type of religion did most of the earliest civilizations practice?

The type of religion followed by most early civilizations was polytheism, the belief in many gods.

What type of religion did the aztecs have?

they believed in the sun go do therefore it was the false gods they had believed in

What type of religion worships many gods?

This type of religion is called Polytheism. Some polytheistic religions include Hinduism, or, historically, Ancient Greek and Egyptian religions.

What type of religion did the people of the stone age follow?

Many were polytheistic and believed in many gods

Is Judaism a part of the religion monotheism?

monotheism is not a religion. It is a description of a type religion that believes in one God, a Group. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all monotheistic, They believe in one God.

What is the govenments view on religion?

The Government in AMERICA believes that everyone should be able to have there own religion. But they don't show this by taking any type of prayer out of their schools

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