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A right angle has one right angle?

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a right angle is a right angle

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an angle with a acute and right angle

a right triangle has one right angleA triangle with a right angle is a right triangle.

A right-angle is a 90 degree angleA right triangle has one, and a 90-degree angle isone.

No it is impossible for a right triangle to have an obtuse angle therefore it will have one right angle and two acute angles.

a quadrangle with one right angle

A right angle triangle.

A right angle triangle.

right-angle triangle has at least one right angle .

A right angle only has one angle.

A right-angle is one of 90 degrees.

One half of a right angle is a 45 degree angle.

A trapezoid can be drawn with one right angle.

A right angle triangle

It has one angle that is a right angle.

If one angle is a right angle, it is a right triangle. If one angle is an obtuse angle, it is an obtuse triangle. If there are no right nor obtuse angle then it is an acute triangle.

A right angle is one of 90 degrees. An acute angle of 30 degrees would be one third of that.

A 'right' angle isThere are 90o in a right angle. A right angle is one-quarter of a full circle i.e. 360o.=

What is one quarter of a right angle turn?"

a quadrangle with only one right angle

A right ange is a 90 degree angle. Within a 90 degree angle, there is only one 90 degree angle, and therefore only one right angle.

No, a triangle can have up to one right angle, but it doesn't have to be a right angle in order to be a triangle. A right triangle had one right angle. so, NO

Yes there cant be more than one right angle in a right triangle

One right angle is 90 degrees. If it's anything else, it's not a "right" angle.

2 obtuse angle and 2 right angle and 1 acute angle

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