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I can't wait to recieve my letter from my friend in Florida.
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If you just received a suspended sentence for theft and are on probation what do you do when new charges are filed?

Answer . Obtain legal counsel as soon as possible.. If you cannot afford private counsel request the court to appoint you a public defender at the arraignment.. In such a case it is not advisable to use self-representation without being fully informed of your legal rights and the consequences t ( Full Answer )

What were the first words received from the moon?

The first words on the moon were spoken by Neil Armstrong. When Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon he said, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Can you start a sentence with the word sentence?

The noun sentence (a text form, or a prison term) requires an adjective or article (a, the). But you can use it as an adjective itself, or as an imperative of the verb to sentence , to announce a judicial penalty. Example : "Sentence construction is important in English grammar." Example : "Sente ( Full Answer )

How do you abbreviate the word received?

The abbreviation for the word received is usually rcvd. Anotherabbreviation for received is rec'd or rec, depending on thecontext, such as bookkeeping or informal usage.

What sort of prison sentence will you receive for bank fraud?

There are far too many variables to be able to answer this question with any degree of accuracy. It will depend on some of the following: Crime related elements . Degree of fraud . Federal or state charges . Existence of conspiracy Personal history related elements . Past arrest record ( Full Answer )

Bob is charged with a felony and Sally is charged with a misdemeanor. Who likely will receive the harsher sentence and why?

Normally the felony would get a harsher sentence but there are a lot of other factors that can be taken into consideration. Since you are not being specific, I can't address your case but some of those factors could be that Sally has a long record and Bob does not or someone was hurt by Sally but no ( Full Answer )

Where did the word 'coliseum' receive its name?

Coliseum is a variant of the original Latin word Colosseum, a large amphitheatre for public sports events. The more convenient spelling of Colosseum passed in to the English language about 1700 becoming Coliseum It might be thought that the name comes from the colossal size of the structure, but i ( Full Answer )

What does it mean when a person receives a sentence of probation sentence withheld 2 years?

This usually means that the person received a sentence to prison for a specific amount of time, generally exceeding the two years mentioned. But that sentence, provided the person completes two years of probation successfully, is withheld. When the person completes the two years' probation, his sent ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to receive information that could ameliorate me for further unsuccessful interviews Is this sentence correct?

No, the sentence is incorrect. Ameliorate means to make better, more tolerable or improve. The sentence you pose is saying "Is it possible to receive information that could improve me for further unsuccessful interviews.". It would be more accurate to say, "Is it possible to receive information tha ( Full Answer )

What are similar words to receive?

accept, acquire, admit, apprehend, appropriate, arrogate, assume, be given, be in receipt of, be informed, be told, catch, collect, come by, come into, cop, corral*, derive, draw, earn, gain, gather, get, get from, get hands on, get hold of, grab, hear, hold, inherit, latch on to, make, obtain, perc ( Full Answer )

A sentence with the word receiver?

The College Bursar's official title was the Clerk and Receiver , which students changed to Shark and Deceiver .

How do you use the word sentence in a sentence?

Sentence can mean the words in a written construction, or a court-ordered punishment for a crime. Example : "You can usually tell if a sentence is poorly written when it cannot be spoken aloud in a natural way." Example : "The robber was given a lengthy sentence by the judge." The sentence ( Full Answer )

Can an inmate who received a life sentence contest a divorce in Florida?

The State of Florida is a no - fault divorce state, meaning the court will not assign fault to either party for the divorce. Neither spouse can prevent the other from obtaining a divorce. Marriage is not a prison and an inmate who is incarcerated for life cannot impose a life sentence on t ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence with the word receive?

Example sentences: "I expect to receive a parcel from my uncle in Pakistan." "To thank you for your participation, you will receive a box of chocolates." "This man should receive the harshest sentence." "Having won the coin toss, the visiting football team elected to receive the opening kic ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence using the word sentence?

He wrote the long sentence on the blackboard. He received a five-year sentence for his crime. The judge will sentence the poacher on Monday.

What is a sentence with the word sentences?

The teacher made Al rewrite the sentences from his homework. At the final court appearance, the judge sentences the convicted criminal. Varying the length of your sentences can be an effective writing tool.

If Ted Bundy received three death sentences which murder was he actually executed for?

Technically, Bundy was executed for his last murder, 12 year old Kimberly Leach. He would still have had to face the two counts of murder for the sorority girls at U of FL. But the road to execution is a long and arduous one. There are mandatory appeals that must be played out before a DOE (date of ( Full Answer )

A sentence that has the word number sentence?

Find the number. Or you could use a sentence such as, "The number sentence must contains an equal sign." as i was cycling through the terrfiying street i herd loadz of screaming behind me so i rush home.

When did Muhammad receive the word of Allah?

He was about 40 years in to his life and it was not a message from Allah it was from an angle and people think they keep getting messages for the rest of his life

Is there an apostrophe in the word 'receivers'?

If it is the plural of the word 'receiver' then there is no apostrophe, but if it's possessive singular (one receiver owns something) then it's receiver's, and if it's possessive plural (more than one receiver owns something) then it's receivers'.

What is a good sentence with the word receiver in it?

Hehee!! OKAY.... Here are a few I can think of off the bat: .The long receiver caught the ball .There were several receivers on the team .The sender sent out the letter and the receiver received it Hope those help, Zoe

How did Muhammad receive the words of the Qur'an?

He received the words of the Qur'an by reciting them over and over again until he remembered the whole thing! he then went on to spreading the words that were in the Qur'an to other people to try and make the Muslim religion bigger. Muslims are to keep the Qur'an on top of the highest piece of furn ( Full Answer )

I received the assessment Thank you. Is this sentence correct?

As you have stated it, that is not entirely correct. If it was a single sentence then the word "thank" would not be capitalized, and if it is two sentences, then there should be a period after "assessment". You might find it more economical to say "Thank you for the assessment."

What is a sentence with the word fib in a sentence?

Fib is basically an insignificant or a harmless lie , or u can say fibbing is milder form of lying . . . sentence : she fibbed about going early to bed last night when she actually did not she told a fib to everyone about being the topper in her school

The amount of feedback that students receive is not optimal. What part of speech the word optimum is this sentence?

In the sentence "The amount of feedback that students receive is not optimal", the word "optimal" is an adjective , more specifically a predicate adjective modifying the simple subject of the sentence, "amount". The word "optimum" does not occur in the sentence, although "optimal" could reasonably ( Full Answer )

What is the definition for the word received?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the word "received" can be defined as coming into possession of something. For example, The little girl will receive a gift on her birthday.