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Well, someone is going to make a choice. IF there is FRAUD involved, then someone will have to pay the price. As usual, the buck stops at dear ole Dad. Dads name and credit was used to get the car.To get it off Dads name, someone has to pay the bill. Who's next?? As with any repo, best thing to do is get the car back to the lender.that stops all the late fees that add up sooo quik.Only other option is to pay the loan off and deal with sonny boy later. Take the money out of his inheritance???

the son actually sent the father the contract for the father to sign. the father doesn't speak English and signed the contract believing his son's statement that it would only be a co-signer. Now the son can't be reach and the repo company is calling the father trying to reposses the car. But the son has it, and either the son or the car can be found.

Sorry but never sign a contract unless you know what you are signing. He should have had someone else read it for him.

Solution would be to hire an attorney who could in turn hire a agency to locate and repossess the car. Could be costly but see no other way to handle this properly.

Father should tell the lender everything he knows of his son that might help locate him. As for hiring att. ect, the lender will do that IF Pop gives them something to go on.This is NOT the first time a son has conned Pop and wont be the last. Best way to handle this problem is head on straight up. Pop signed the contract, its HIS credit future at stake. Get the car back, settle the bill and then break Juniors legs. Good Luck

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Does God said he is our only father?

He says he is the 'Almighty father' and everyones father. But no, he does'nt say that because our biological fathers are also our fathers.

Why are Fathers called fathers at a church?

if your talking about priests, they are called father because they are meant to be the closest thing to jesus who is known as the father and shepherd of man.

What is the plural possessive form of father?

The plural form for the noun father is fathers.The plural possessive form is fathers'.Example: We met because our fathers' houses are next door to each other.

What is the plural of father?

The plural of father is fathers.

Why is George Washington considered the greatest of the Founding Fathers?

He is considered the greatest of the Founding Fathers because he is the Father of the United States of America.

What is the plural form of father in law?

The correct plural is fathers-in-law .Fathers is the noun, in law the adjective; fathers in law, not father in laws which implies one father, but with multiple relationships.

How did Hamlet revenge his father?

hamlet avenged his father by stabbing his uncle who married his fathers wife to get the throne. hamlet did this because his fathers ghost visited and told him that hamlets uncle (his fathers brother) killed him... in the end everyone ended up dying

What is the plural possessive of father's?

The plural form of the noun father is fathersThe plural possessive form is fathers'.Example: We met because our fathers' houses are next door to each other.

Is it possible to be your step fathers step father?

Yes. Your step-father is who he is to you because he married your mother. If you married his mother, you would be his step-father. Strange but true.

Why are they called the foounding fathers?

they are called the founding father because they were the people if America choose to be their leaders

Why do male alphas father the puppies instead of the girl?

Because "girls/females" can not be "fathers/males".

What is the plural possessive for father?

The plural form of the noun father is fathers.The plural possessive form is fathers'.Example: How many fathers' names are on the list of volunteers?

What part of speech is fathers?

Fathers is a noun (plural of father) and a verb (third person singular conjugation of father).

Why did claudius stop the play?

Because Hamlet reenacted in a play his fathers death, which included Claudius because he killed hamlets father by putting poison into Hamlets fathers ear hope this helped

Is nightmare Kirby's father?

Kirby is his own father and nightmare is his fathers father

What is a the plural possessive of father?

The plural possessive of "Father" is, "Fathers"

Is the plural form of father father's or fathers?

Fathers Father's means that something belongs to father or means 'father is' Ex) The fathers all met at the front of the room. Ex) Father's jacket was stolen. Ex) Father's at the store. The correct plural form of the word "father" is fathers. When you put an apostrophe mark and the letter 's' after it, you are speaking of "your father's possession" versus "the number of fathers." For example: This is your father's wife versus these are the founding fathers of history.

What is shmuel's fathers name from the boy in the striped pyjama's?

We don't know because Shmuel's father is not in the movie

Why was the lack of the judiciary system a problem for our founding fathers?

because there was one father who had sex with all the others

Can a puppy have two different fathers?

Yes, a step father and a normal father LOL. No, dont listen to that beeech. It can only have one(step fathers arent REAL fathers).=]

Why are founding fathers called fathers?

A "father" is like a leader of a group or idea.

Do you have to put fathers name on birth certificate just because he wants it on?

no you only have too because of the law and so that you have proof who your father is otherwise if the fathers name is not put on you can have a DNA test which is 99.8 % of the time correct.

What is the plural word for father?

The plural form for the noun father is fathers.

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