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A song about drugs?

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Anything by Bob Marley, Beatles that aren't about girls, Jimi Hendrix, and anything else that was played at Woodstock.

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Does Brenda Song do drugs?

no she does not

What is the ending song of love and other drugs?

better than drugs

Is Jay-Z on drugs?

just beacause he mentioned it in a song does not mena he does drugs so no he does not do drugs

What song was Eminem on drugs?

probably the song called "purple pills"

When did Guns N' Roses play the song Sex Drugs and Rock N'Roll?

there is no song called sex, drugs and rock n roll.

Is Enrique Iglesias addicted to drugs?

"Although many tabloid magazines, papers and reporters might suggest that Enrique Iglesias is addicted to drugs, there has been no official evidence of such. He did, however write a song about drugs, which is simply writing a song about society. It does not mean he is on drugs."

What is the song Deja Vu by eminem about?

The song "Deja Vu" is about drugs that eminem used to do.

What is the meaning of the song A horse with no name by America?


What is that rap song naming a lot of drugs?

The song is "I'm on Everything" by Bad Meets Evil.

What inspired the song Master Of Puppets?

The song, Master of Puppets, is inspired by how drugs control people. The song was released by the band, Metallica.

Is boom boom pow about drugs?

No You Dumbasses It Is Just A Song..

What is the name of the first song in love and other drugs?

its Stephen

When was the song 'Sex Drugs and Rock 'n Roll ' written?

"Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n'Roll" was a humorous song written by Guns 'n Roses. The song was played live often during 1986 and 1987. Not much is known about this song and this song never made it onto a record.

Did kesha die of drugs?

No, Kesha did not die of drugs because she just made a new song. So how could she have died?

What is the song in love and other drugs when they are at the pajama party?

When she first answers the door the song is 'Sleep Together' by Garbage.

In lily allens song everyones at it what is it?

she is saying that everyones at/on DRUGS these days......

What is the last song in Love and Other Drugs?

Fidelity" Regina Spektor

What is the song on the commercial for Love and Other Drugs?

Animal - Neon Trees

Has kid cudi ever done drugs?

Yes, he's admitted to cocaine and marijuana use, and speak about doing caps (ecstasy) and shrooms in the song Enter Galactic. The song, "Don't play this song" also talks about many other drugs, (numb faced, presumably heroin) but that's just an assumption. So to answer your question, yes, he has done drugs.

What is th meaning of the song chemicals by scars on Broadway?

This song basically is talking about sex, drugs, and rock n' roll.

Does akon use drugs?

According to Akon, he has never used drugs or even alcohol; the latter due to his Muslim faith. But, according to his song lyrics, which are autobiographical in nature, he may have used drugs.

Is there a Pokemon theme song on guitar hero world tour?

Wth, are you on drugs...?

Is the song give me novocaine about an addiction to prescription drugs?

no hes talking about cocaine

Is Drake on drugs?

yes go listen to November 18th the song on you tube

What episode saved by the bell was Jessie taking drugs to sing?

Jessie's song

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