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I have Limewire so you can trust my answer mostly!~!~!~! YES, if you really would like to have that song or you need it for something you will have to delete it i mean if it doesnt work of coarse you should delete it otherwise there is no point having it!~!~!~! DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN AND HOPE IT WORKS THIS TIME LOL

2006-09-25 02:59:06
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Q: A song from LimeWire doesn't work do you delete it and download again?
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Where can you download Again by Flyleaf free aside from LimeWire?


If you delete your LimeWire application and most of your songs from iTunes are from LimeWire will you lose those songs?

I believe that you just want to totally quit your Limewire app. and then download it again. I think that the songs in iTunes will still be there. Hope that answers your question. :)

How do you download LimeWire?

Go To You just go to again and install go to and search for limewire

How do you delete songs from iTunes library that were downloaded from LimeWire?

click on edit, select all, then click on edit again, and delete.

What do you do if you accidentally delete apps?

Download them again !

If you delete songs downloaded from itunes can you download them again for free?


What do you do when your imvu wont open?

you need to delete it and download it again

If you download LimeWire on one computer can you get it on a second one without having to pay again?

limewire was a free service, but currently there is no way to download or use the limewire service. there is another service for people who want to get free MUSIC on their iPods illegally, but watch out for FROST bite.

What do you do to start again in DragonVale?

Delete the game from your device and the game center then download it again.

When you buy a used iPod on amazon do they delete the songs?

yes it does but you can buy them again from itunes or get them for free from imesh,limewire or frostwire

Why is it when you launch Minecraft it fails to launch?

im not sure but if it say outdated laucher try to delete minecraft and then download it again if this doesnt work try to rename it to minecraft.exe or search on youtube

Should technicians be able to delete illegal downloads off your computer?

It depends what type. I think, personally that a lot of the time people think that certain games are illegal when really they are shareware. If technicians delete these than that is pointless. Also if they delete things like limewire, that is also a waste of time because the person will just download it again!

How do you start your game again on Angry Birds?

delete it form your iphone, ipod, or ipad and download it again.

What should you do if you delete Pokemon GO and download it again but it won't let you into your account?

Sign in again? duhhh

What do you do when your facebook goes grey on an iPod touch?

delete the app and download it again

I deleted LimeWire then downloaded it again andnow it doesn't work what happened?

Information below is invaild since Limewire has been shut down for a period of time:Did you download it from the LImeWire official site? LimeWire software from other sites so frequently acts as a Trojan injector for malware that it's won the award as the most dangerous download.If you didn't get it from the LImeWire site (which seems uncompromised at this point), consider a virus scan.

If you download a game to a wii from the Wii shope channel and decide to delete it can you get it again for free if you decide you want it again?


Do you only have to pay once for an app on iPod touches?

Yes but if you delete the app and then download it again you will have to pay again

Why My iTunes Won't Work?

There Are many Ways why your Itunes May Not Work. 1. If you use Limewire And download of it and sync the music into itunes, Your limewire has Changed and it wants you to download the newest version, so you have to remove delete it and Download it Again. 2. the Basic Answer, you Might Have The Old Version of Itunes you need to Renew it! 3. There is a Virus On the Computer, which has Hit it and wont let it open, need To Clean it. All The Possible answer, all Of These Have Happen To me So i hope Ive Helped =]

How to create a new Clash of Clans account?

DELETE clash of clans, then download it again

How do you get apps back after you delete them on a Kindle Fire?

Yeah. Just download them again. Or if it was a paid app, u can still download it again FOR FREE since you already bough it

How do you download the same app twice?

Once you have downloaded an app, you can't download it again in order to have 2 copies of it on the same device. If you delete the app, you can then download it again. If it is a paid for app and you use the same iTunes account then you won't be charged again for downloading it.

If you don't like the game you got with Nintendo dsi points can you delete it?

Yes, you can delete, and also re-download the software, should you want it again.

Will you get money back if you delete song off from iPod but not from itunes?

No, once you bought it, it's yours. If you change your mind after you delete it, you can download it again free.

How do you get your LimeWire to work again?

Buy it!