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The term branding means to burn a symbol into an animal's hide to show ownership.

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Q: A symbol burned into an animal's hide to show ownership?
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What did burning a symbol into a animals hide mean?

It means that you show ownership

What is the symbol marks ownership burned into hide of cattle called?

The symbol that marks ownership that is burned into the hide of cattle is called a brand. Many farmers do not use this type of identification unless their cows are strictly for beef production. Most farmers today use ear tags to identify their cattle.

Why were brands burned into a cow's hide?

The brands are used to mark ownership and ward off cow theives

What are some acquired traits for animals?

Example)where to hide, what animals to hide from...etc

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some animals hide from wolves by blending in with nature camouflage

Why do animals hide?

they hide so that they can either catch their dinner or hide from being a dinner!! some animals can hide easier than others like tigers for inmstance they can hide very well because their fur is camouflaged.

What do animals do when a hurricane is coming?

they hide

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How do the animals adapt in the forest?

When leaves fall of trees, animals hide in there

What are the benefits of camouflage for animals?

some of the benefits of camo for animals are. they can hide from predators. they can hide from prey so they can make a suprise attack.

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warn other animals. but if its in deep blue then hide. depends on were it is.

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Why do chickens hide?

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How do animals hide from predators?

Animals have a lot of ways to protect themselves or to hide them like camo, poisons, spiky points, odors, etc.

How Forest protect the animals from enemies?

It gives the animals places to hide from predators.

Can the red cross symbol be used to hide military activities?


Can the red cross symbol can be used to hide military actives?


The red cross symbol can be used to hide military activities?


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It really depends on the animal, Some animals depend on camoflage to hide from its enemies.

How do animals hide?

Animals hide by using their camouflage. Camouflage can be a pattern on their fur that helps them blend in to their surroundings. Some animals can change colour to match their surroundings, like the chameleon and the cuttlefish!

What can help protect animals?

Fallen trees can act as a shelter for animals to hide from their predators. Their skin color can help them to hide from predatores by blending into the area.

What other animals use color to hide?


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They can hide from their enemies.

It is an adaptation animals do to hide by blending in with their surroundings?


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mostly every insect

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