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A synonym for appreciation?

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admiration, enjoyment, gratitude, thanks, recognition

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Appreciation, gratefulness.

to show appreciation or gratitude

Regard , esteem , admiration , estimation ,

credit, gratitude, acknowledgment, thanks, appreciation, respect

realization understandinggraspappreciationknowledgeinsightfamiliarityformal cognizance.hope that helped. :)

fault-finding, censure, dissaproval, disparagement, bad press, analysis, assessment, judgment, commentary, evaluation, appreciation, appraisal, critique

The same. Appreciation. I have appreciation, we have appreciation, etc

through understanding in depth knowledge of detailed conceptualization extensive knowledge exhaustive appreciation of facts and or details masterful awareness complete understanding

Both are appropriate under different circumstances: "Appreciation for" indicates a love, an understanding, a feeling. He has a great appreciation for impressionist art. "Appreciation of" indicates a thankfulness, an acknowledgment. It was awarded in appreciation of his service to the organization.

The appreciation of dance.

Thanks for the appreciation sir. It was my pleasure.

He showed his appreciation by sending her flowers. Tommarow is music appreciation day at school.

That is the correct spelling of "appreciation" (recognition or gratitude).

Thanks a huge lot for your appreciation

aesthetic is the appreciation of beauty or goodtaste or lemons

The opposite of appreciation (increased value) is depreciation. The opposite of appreciation (expressed gratitude or praise) could be criticism, disapproval, admonition, or condemnation; it could be a lack of appreciation (disregard or neglect).

How Can i write letter of appreciation?

They showed no appreciation of all the effort I had made for them.

hawk roosting critical appreciation

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