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Q: A testable hypothesis could be formed from which question Are bass more active in the daytime than at night When whales jump out of water are they happy Are red tulips prettier than tulips of other co?
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What is the average daytime temperature in Celsius?

The average daytime temperature on Earth is 59º F (15º C).

Why is it always daytime in Greenland?

it's is not always daytime. At surden times of the Summer, above the Arctic Circle, it is always daytime. Because the sun never sets. This have something to do with the rotation of the earth and the placement of the sun. and at surden times of the winter, it is always night time. Same explanation.

What time a day should you run a basement dehumidifier Nigh time or daytime?

You should run it only when it's display tells you the air is humid.

How many days are there till the end of winter?

For any given point on Earth, the length of winter daytimes is just slightly longer than the length of summer nighttimes. So if the longest daytime where you live is 15 hours, the shortest daytime is 9 hours, and if the longest daytime there is 14 hours, the shortest daytime is 10 hours, and so on. (The correlation between winter days and summer nights would be exactly the same if not for refraction caused by the atmosphere making the sun visible when it's actually a little below the horizon. That's why the length of daytime on the equinoxes is not exactly 12 hours.) Exception: Daytime at the north pole is about 7½ days longer than nighttime at the north pole, and nighttime at the south pole is about 7½ days longer than daytime at the south pole. This is because Earth travels fastest in its orbit when it's closest to the sun, which happens in early January, and it travels slowest when it's farthest from the sun, which happens in early July.

What temperature is Deimos?

The average is around 17 degrees Celsius during daytime. The average day and night temperature is -40°C.

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What do muslim's wear in the daytime?

Answer There are no specific requirements for Muslims to wear in daytime. It should just meet Islamic rules for clothing. refer to question below.

Where is the daytime running light module on a 2001 ford windstar?

Interesting question - my 2001 SEL does not have daytime running lights, and I'm not aware that Ford offered them.

I am a 7 letter word used daily?

morning, evening, daytime, - there are many words that could answer this question.

What is the daytime predator?

The daytime predator is the Eagle.Eagles are known as the daytime predators because the hunt during daytime most of the time.

What do monkeys do in the daytime?

what do monkeys do in the daytime

Is their a picture of the DRL?

I'm not sure I understand your question. DRL stands for daytime running lights. Your daytime running lights are on the front of your car; when you are driving, even if you have the headlights in the off position, the DRLs will be on. It's a safety feature.

When does a nocturnal animal sleep?


Is it daytime daytime all over the word?


What country has no daytime?

there's no such country without daytime.

Is ''daytime'' two words or one word?

Daytime is written as one word.An example sentence is: Daytime television is very boring.

2008 Subaru Outback Disable Daytime Running Lights?

Your question needs to be in a complete sentence in order to be answered correctly on this site.

Are snails a night time or daytime animal?

They are daytime animals.