A tongue twister that has the animal snake?

Mrs Sylvia Snake, tired of small Sally Snake's hissin' in the pit all day,
Told Sally Snake to go to Miss Pott's pit and hiss a while.
Miss Pott told Sally Snake to, "go back to her own pit and hiss."
"But Mum sent me over here to hiss in your pit," replied Sally Snake.
Sally Snake went back to her own pit to hiss.
"I told you to go to Miss Pott's pit and hiss," shouted Mum.
"Miss Pott told me to come hiss in my own pit," replied Sally Snake.
"Well!" scowled Sylvia Snake.
"I remember when Miss Pott didn't even have a pit to hiss in!"

Sarah saw the slimy, scaly, snake slithering slyly past Stacey and Stephen.