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Q: A turtle with yellow spots and red eyes with a black shell is it poisonous?
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If a turtle has a black shell with yellow spots what kind is it?

A spotted turtle.

What kind of turtle is black with yellow spots?

A spotted turtle, the yellow spots are small and scattered around the shell.

Yellow and black striped headed turtle with a BLACK TAIL andyellow and black shell?

I believe that this turtle would be an Eastern River Cooter or Yellow Bellied Slider.

What kind of turtle has green and yellow stripes on it's body with a smooth textured shell and soft yellow belly with black spots?

A yellow-bellied slider

What sea turtle has a black or brownish shell?

Orlando turtle

Why wont my yellow bacck turtle come out his shell?

Is it too cold for it? (Is the turtle warm)

Would a snake or turtle win in a fight?

It would greatly depend on, if the snake is a poisonous or not. and where it stings the turtle on the shell will not kill it.

What type of turtle has a brown shell with yellow spots?

It's most likely to be a box turtle

What is a turtle with black spots on the bottom of the shell?

The turtle that has black spots under the shell is a red-eared slider turtle. It is so named because of the red dash that appears around their ears.

What is my Turtle he doesn't have hinges on his shell he has dark red eyes and he has orange spots on his legs and yellow stripes on his upper shell?

he might be an eastern box turtle

Who is the turtle from Mario games?

There are 3 so far: Koopa, Paratroopa, and Dry Bones. Koopa is a simple yellow turtle with a green shell. Paratroopa is a yellow turtle with a red shell and wings. Dry Bones is exactly the same as Koopa but he's a skeleton of him.

What kind of turtle has a orange and black belly that only eats fruits?

what kind of turtle has a orange and black belly and has a rouh shell

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