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A type of wave?

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Mechanical wave, Surface wave, Transitional wave.

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What type of wave is the strongest?

The strongest type of wave is a L wave. The weakest type of wave is a P wave. the neutral type of wave is a S wave

What type of wave is a surface wave?

It is a type of mechanical wave known as a seismic wave.

Which type of body wave always arrives after the P-wave?

The next type of seismic wave to arrive after the P-wave is the S-wave.

What type of sound wave does a dog have?

Every type of sound wave produced is a longitudinal wave.

What type of wave is a radiant wave?

An electromagnetic wave is a radiant wave.

What type of seismic wave causes the greatest destruction to buildings?

The Rayleigh wave which is a type of surface wave.

What type of wave is sound wave?

A sound wave is considered a sinusoidal wave.

What type of s mechanical wave is a sound wave?

sound wave is a longitudinal wave

What type of wave is a longitudinal wave?

Well a longitudinal wave is actually a horizontal wave.

Which type of wave is light?

It is an electromagnetic wave

Which type of wave can be seen by the human eye?

A light wave is the type of wave that can be seen by the human eye. The light wave is part of the electromagnetic radiation.

The easiest type of wave to visualize is a?

ocean wave or transverse wave

What type of EM wave is the shortest?

The shortest wave is a Gamma wave

Give an example of the other type of wave.?

The PR wave,QRS wave, and T wave.

Is a string wave a electromagnetic wave?

If you mean a wave on a string, no - that's a different type of wave.

Is Sound a familiar type of electromagnetic wave?

Is sound a familiar type of electromagnetic wave?

Is sound a type of electromagnetic wave?

No. Sound is a mechanical wave, not an EM wave.

What wave that is bounced back is called?

This type of wave is called a reflected wave.

What type of wave is voice?

sound wave, and a longitudinal

What wave type is a sound wave?

Longitudinal mechanical.

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