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4.2 liter = 4200 ml

4200 / 310 = 13 (and a half)

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Ask yy

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If a cactus requires 310 milliliters of water once every three weeks how many can be watered once each without refilling a 4.2 liter capacity watering can?

Thirteen cactus plants can be watered once with a 4.2 liter capacity watering can. There are 4,200 milliliters in 4.2 liters. Thirteen plants use up 4,030 milliliters of water from the can. That leaves 170 milliliters, which won't meet the watering needs of cactus plant number 14. So it's at cactus plant number 14 that the gardener needs to refill the watering can.

Animal crossing how to keep a turnip alive without watering it?

White turnips spoil a week after buying them, and red turnips wilt and disappear if they're not watered for two days straight.

Can a empty Clorox bottle be used for watering plants?

yes, if it has been rinsed out. Clorox is a form of bleach, if the plant were watered using the bottle without rinsing it first it could result in the plant being burnt

Why do plants have to be watered?

they should be watered as without water plants cannot survive like we cannot survive without water for 1 day they also cannot survive for 1 day so they should be watered everyday

Refilling Ink Cartridges?

Refilling ink cartridges is considerably cheaper than buying new ones, but not everybody is capable of it. If you want to give it a try, there are a lot of guides online for how to do it, just know that you need to be pretty competent with a screwdriver if you want to do it without wasting the ink and ruining your printer. Some people actually make a living buying empty cartridges and refilling them for resale.

Do all experiments need a control group?

Yes, because if there is no control group, the results of the experiment are meaningless. If i had two plants, one I used miracle-grow on and the other I never watered, I wouldn't know if either of my variations (not watering and using miracle-grow) were meaningful without having another plant which lived a normal life (with adequate water) to compare it to.

What example of investigatory objective?

An example of an investigatory objective is developing a hypothesis and testing the results. A specific example is do aspirin keep plants alive longer, and then testing with watering the plants with aspirin and watering without aspirin.

How can a frog spend hours underwater without refilling its lungs?

a frog can easily survive underwater because under water, it practice the buccal cavity respiration.

How do you pass a drug test without abstaining from using drugs?

I've heard that drinking some watered down clorox helps.

What is the water needs for a Jade plant?

A good watering system for jade is to water about every 5 days. They won't be hurt if you don't water them in a while. I once left mine for 3 months without watering it and it was perfectly fine. :)

What happen to a mongo seeds with and without water?

the mongo seed is grow without water. and it cannot die. for cold temperatureits okay for not watered it. and can be place in cold place example: CR

The seedling did not have any green leaves where does it gets its energy for grown?

water. Maybe your not watering the plant well. The seedlings grew because of the energy stored as stach in the seed. When this energy was used up the seedlings died as they were unable to make any more energy without the green pigment (or sometimes red pigment) chlorophyl which traps sunlight energy. Even if the plants are well watered and have plenty of carbon dioxide they cannot make energy without chlorophyl.

When did jay kay get expelled from school?

Apparently he was growing weed on his dorm room balcony; rumour has it the cleaners even watered it for him without realising what it was.

How do you play Maplestory without internet?

You can't. Maplestory requires a connection to a server which is a process that requires internet connection.

What would happen if the plants were not watered?

Depends on how long they have gone without water, but too long and the cells dehydrate and die, resulting in the death of the plant

What does the term irrigation mean?

irrigation is a method used to provide water usually to the ground where crops grow. When there is farmland next to a river, a canal, etc. the farmers can cut channels leading through the crop fields to make sure that all the crops are watered without having to lug a watering can cound them all. This is called irrigation. ! cheese i like trains and i dont know what irrigation means lol

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