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Wilma Rudolph

About Wilma Rudolph's childhood?

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her childhood nickname wuz skeeter

Wilma Rudolph died on November, 12, 1994!

Wilma Rudolphs father died in 1961 from getting stabbed

She received a full scholarship to Tennessee state.

Overcomes polio considered the fastest runner in the world in the 1960s

Her childhood nickname was, "Skeeter".

Wilma Rudolph had a very hard childhood as she was a black and came from a large family, and to make matters worse she had polio, and the war 2 was on.

Elementary School: Cobb Elementary (started at age 7) High School: Burt High School College: Tennessee State University

rudolphs dad is Justin gillette

Wilma J. Robles de Melendez has written: 'Teaching young children in multicultural classrooms' -- subject(s): Curricula, Early childhood education, Minorities, Multicultural education, Education (Early childhood)

Wilma Rudolph is best known for being the first female athlete to win three gold medals at the Olympic Games in 1960. She did this after overcoming a number of childhood illnesses.

Rudolphs friend was the little boy but not even a single riendeer was a friend of Rudolph.

Rudolphs mother wasnever named but his father isnamed donner and people call Rudolphs mother mrs.donner

The name of Rudolph's father is Donner.

Donner is Rudolph's father.

rudolph doesn't exactly have parents.

why is wilma trustworthy

Wilma Mankiller's birth name is Wilma Pearl Mankiller.

Wilma Menelik's birth name is Wilma Beatriz Menelik.

Wilma Rudolph's real name is WILMA GLODEAN RUDOLPH

Wilma Rudolph's birth name is Wilma Glodean Rudolph.

Wilma Francis's birth name is Wilma Francis Sareussen.

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